Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov20 - IOI Community Run 2011

Month of November was suppose to be Powerman & Bangkok Marathon.
But since Bangkok was flooded and the marathon was cancelled.
I had a free weekend. So I last min signup for the IOI Community Run.
It was like 8mins drive away from KS's home.
No pictures of the run coz I didn't bring my camera, and I didn't know any photographers.
In the end, I pinjam-ed Evil Lesley's BB instead.
This very junction, like 200m away from the finish line.
There came a point when the police could not handle the traffic, they stopped the runners to let the cars go.
Evil Lesley got 3rd place.
Top 5 winners got $$$ while the 6th to 20th place gets all-you-can-eat dimsum voucher for 2 
at IOI Marriott Hotel.
Tomato trying to camouflage the Women to Men 3rd place winner.
Me? crappy run coz uphill & me no like hills.
And the fact that I know the route by hard, kinda tells my body where its gonna hurt.
Morning breakfast with evil's treat for getting 3rd place.
Goodie bags from IOI
Results - I got 19th place. Barreeelllyyy...7.7km...39mins. 
I'm so done for.
The week after that, the bunch of us met up for our free dimsum.
My phone with Yip's big ass phone.
KS cannot understand how can anyone use such a big phone.
Carmen brought evil.
Mich brought tomato.
Evil with hairband & veggies spelt evil was totally epic!!!

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