Friday, September 4, 2009

July26 - Shape & Men's Health Nite Run 2009

My 1st Shape & Men’s Health Run since they started last year. Last year was held at the standard running spot, Lake Garden but this year, it was at Putrajaya Night Run. I was glad that it was at night but many had stated that its gonna be hot hot hot, even at night.

One of the greatest things about Shape & Men’s Health Run is always the freebies. You definitely get more than you paid for eg. Nature Valley, shampoo, nutrition tablets and also condom. Hey, health & safety comes first.

Putrajaya is great with its building architecture but this also comes as a bad thing during the night coz there’s no rooted trees meaning there’s less oxygen given out.

Rows of tent with services & products for everyone to enjoy. This is a total social run. Even if I didn’t run it, I would just participate at the tents. Too bad there weren’t much for the ladies though. Shape Run is said to capture one of the most participants in Kuala Lumpur, eventhough warning was sent out regarding the H1N1 scarce.

Since I wasn’t going “pia” in this run, I decided to wear my blue wig which I bought from Oz. It was a total sauna but fun. I felt a little lost during the run but I wasn’t worried coz I was running comfy (recovering from previous long bike ride). I was glad to see that most of the runners were actually running rather than walking.

Well, too bad I’m not putting up many of my “after run” pics coz I looked terrible. The was ok being flat at Putrajaya but it was sooooo hot. Really looked like I showered in my own sweat.

After the run, the whole group was standing around waiting for other friends and also a few of our winning runners. Some took advantage of playing around with the wig as well. My precious!!!! About 5 cars convoyed to mamak, breaking about 3-4 traffic laws eg. mainly running red lights.

I timed 1hr 17mins at number 57. Only 80 medals was given out. Phew…lucky. The men weren’t that lucky coz even at 52mins, 80 medals was out. So competitive.

My last run before the Ramadhan month. Gonna official rest for a month before I’m back on my feet.

Pics courtesy : Dunno who, KS, Yin, Victor & myself :p

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

July25 - Malakoff University Duathlon (UNITEN)

I wasn’t supposed to go for this event due to the injury that I encountered during the 160km Century Ride at Ipoh last weekend. Even the day before, I said to myself, I’m not doing this, and coooinnncidently, the 1st series of this race came out in the papers. That was it, I was doing this 2nd series tomorrow.

The Malakoff Duathlon series consist of 3 series held at 3 of our local Universities campus. This race mainly targets our young & upcoming athletes to compete against each other with points collection for the champion Uni.

That morning, I got lost. I got worried that I was going to be late. The race only starting at 8am was intimidating due to the heat. I didn’t tell Keat Seong I was doing this coz I expected it to be over in 2hrs tops. To my luck, he smsed me asking if he could come & pick me up for breakfast. Habis…my evil deed has been discovered.

I dragged my twin-bro, Poong to join me for my 1st mini DU. I was still early, so I made multiply walks from the starting point to the car just to carry my bags & transport the bike.

The route was pretty straight forward. Run 3km (1 lap) then cycle 14km (3 laps) finally run 3km (1lap). I decided to wear my visor during my cycle as the sun was really glaring plus I could feel the burn on my body.

Running a 3km for a distance runner is quite painful as we don’t have time to even properly start our engine. Thankfully my run wasn’t as bad as I thought, though slow. I took it easy on my bike ride coz I didn’t want to ignite my right knee ITB again, eventhough was said to be flat (liar!!). The final run was tiring with the 9am sun shinning high above.

I was prepared to leave until I was told that I got 4th Placing in my Women Open category. Right…meaning I have to wait for another hour for prize giving ceremony (that doesn’t have anything to do with cash) Grrrr….

It was a funny scenario where I went up to get my medal, which he just handed it to me. I had to put it over my head on my own. I had noticed the other winners getting a DU bag & a box of Nestle Cereal box, so I stood still, waiting for to be handed to me. The MC asked me to wait around while the other placing were given out. After that we took a group picture. Being thick skin, I decided to ask for my bag & cereal. I was told that only TOP 3 winners receive it. With my face red, I walked away. *sniff sniff*

Well, there goes my first Duathlon (run-bike-run). What do I think about it? I like to swim, so I definitely prefer triathlon. Plus I don’t have to burn myself under the sun for all 3 sports.

Yes, I wasted RM40 for an event that’s even smaller than a sprint, but at least now I know how it feels to do a Duathlon before the big event Powerman in November.