Monday, May 26, 2014

2013 Dec26 - Hello summer!!!

2nd year summer in Adelaide.
Due to training for race, I was actually out cycling.
Clear blue skies.

Sunset really late.
Hitting the beach with the pole girls.
Taking a stroll along the beach.
AT 8PM!!!
Sunscreen, sunhat & Yeos packet drink at 8am waiting for the bus to work.

2014 Feb07 - IM Geelong 70.3 triathlon

Took my ages to get this blog up.
Mainly because it was a disappointing event for me.
We stayed at the Parkside Motel, which was about 3.5km away from the starting area.

Comes with a pool that we didn't touch.

The bed was spacious with a hanging TV.
But somewhat cramp with 2 big luggage & 2 bikes.
I wasn't able to go for a massage on time before leaving Adelaide.
So I found a masseur at the South Geelong Skin & Body Care.
He was goooodd....I was soo relaxed once it was done.
Poor KS sat at the reception waited for me (wasn't that comfortable).
Why is it that 70.3 event expo is usually so small?
KS insisted that I took photos of clean shaved legs.
Finishing arch (that I did not get to cross =( 
Our race pack.
2nd time met, idol Craig Alexander
Pros bike check-in. All that disc wheel.
My bike check-in.
OMG! My Adomo saddle is around 5years old o_0
Eastern Beach Reserve
There is actually a swimming enclosure but we swam outside of it.
Cloudy skies of Geelong.
Transition area
Swim map
Bike map
Run map

Ok this was what happened
Really really rough waters. Couldn't even see the buoy that we were suppose to swim too.
Why do i keep forgetting to take my motion sickness tablets!!? 
Time : 45:34mins *sigh*

2 loops. 1st loop out there were alot of people. Pacing myself out there.
Lots of turnings. Hated the start as there was an incline up towards the highway.
Got to the 2nd loop, it was quieter. So I was able to just put my head down & spin it out.
On the way back, the wind picked up so badly, there was no way I could go aero.
I could barely moved. I prayed so hard because I don't see anyone in front of me not behind me.
Nearly got side-swept a couple of times by the wind. It felt like i was riding sideways to prevent myself from falling.
Time : 4hr 12mins *double sigh*

Did not happen as I had passed the cut-off time. I was ready to get off my bike and play catch-up on the run. I was directly to the tent to return my timing chip. I wasn't the only one.

I was sore. Not my body. Emotionally. But had to accept my faith. Slowly watched towards the finishing arch. I was sore that the OD's got to cross the arch too.
The arch that I missed.
Waiting for KS to come by.
He was so shocked when he saw me cheering on the side.
The next day, there was no wind and the waters were calm.
I can't say that I want to come back again.
Prefer trying other places before I think of a redemption.
We have a new guest at home.

2013 Dec31 - New Year in Glenelg

Last year we went to the city, River Torrens to celebrate our 1st New Year in Adelaide.
So this time, we decided to go to Glenelg.
We knew parking was going to be crazy.
So we decided to cycle 8km away at 11pm.
As expected, the place is packed with people.
I thought that since it was a no liquor zone, it should be safe.
But that doesn't stop the drunkards from walking around.
We sat on the beach but once the fireworks started, everyone stood up.
And majority of my photos were butts.
Happy New Year to all!!