Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July13 - Diving items for sale

Atomic Mask

Atomic Mask
Condition : New
Reason for selling : Won it and its redundant
Original price : RM400+
Selling price : RM250

Atomic Split Fin

Atomic Split Fin
Size : L
Condition : Use less than 40 dives, the usual scratches, need booties
Reason for selling : Prefer full foot fins
Original price : RM600+
Selling price : RM300

Scubapro Everflex 3 Wetsuit

Scubapro Everflex 3 Wetsuit
Size : M
Condition : Use less than 40 dives, zippers all ok, no tears
Reason for selling : Prefer short wetsuit
Original price : RM1100+
Selling price : RM600

For more information, please drop a comment or email at purrjen@hotmail.com/hellspont13@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 8, 2010

June2-4 - Weekend

Well, my weekend started with TGIF. I walked Tara around my neighborhood to introduce her to the other dogs, of all breed, shapes & sizes.

That night KS & I met up with Tony Q, Mich & Tomato for a dosage of durian at SS2. The RM10 buffet at Donald's wasn't that great. Guess that's why ppl rather spend more for better quality durian.

The coconut drink even cost us RM4. But it's an alternate drink to cooling our body down after having the "King" to pleasure us.

With Brazil & Netherlands playing that nite, we went round looking for a place to watch the World Cup. Al-Ehsan is located at Paramount. That nite, they took up the whole road. No cars could pass thru.

Chun Eng joined our group to watch the game as he was alone. Bee wasn't happy coz Brazil lost 2-1, to Tony & Tomato's joy.

Saturday morning, KS drove me to Sunway Pyramid for a makeover by Clinique, costing RM30. This was cheap for makeover, photo & freebies.

2 looks : Young & Chic or Fresh & Natural. I knew that makeover like these usually attract many ppl so being kiasu I was first in line. I picked young & chic coz I like more colour compared to nude.

Makeup was nice. They made my eyes big. The stylist curled my hair into ringlets. Then I was lead to have my picture taken & printed.

To my soreness, I did not qualify for the Clinique Star Tour 2010 contest coz i was "over age". Sniff sniff....

RM130 worth of freebies

I spent about RM150 at Watson HWB This is wat happen when I'm confronted the 4-letter word S-A-L-E

I've always seen online boutique selling beauty items via facebook. I came across Yokososhiyuki shop selling nearly the same thing. Slightly cheaper as well.

Argentina vs Germany was the big big match of the weekend. Can't pick between both. So support either one. Possession of ball was 50-50. But the 1st Germany goal was too quick. 2nd half was pretty much settled.

Sunday matinee at PJ Live Centre at Jaya One to watch the Taming of the Shrew. Seriously...this is really worth $$. I laughed till tummyache. Enjoyed every second of it. Below are a few pictures from Peter Tan Photography for your enjoyment.

Friday, July 2, 2010

June26 - Pet World Expo

Ever since my family got Tara, my dog, everyone had been particular about her in the sense of dog food, dog shampoo, her nails, her shedding fur etc. So, KS & I went to the Pet world Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall on the 25-27 June 2010.

Beauty items for animals

To my shock, there was an entrance fee of RM5 per adult. Did they state that in the newspaper? KS said we had already travelled, might as well. Both sides of the hall was occupied with various pet stuffs eg. food, beauty products, toys etc.

Anyone wanna have an Gecko pet?

There was pet charity where a lady would adopt stray dogs such as a 3 legged dog who leg was found chopped off. When I squat down to take a picture of it, he came hobbling over to me. I could just cry. Exceptionally friendly. I didn't even feel the ache to part with my money for this baby.


Tibetan Mastiff

This is definitely not a toy but it is a Poodle


Wat's up doc?


Pet Adoption was encourage among the public. KS said he could hear a boy talking to his mom over the phone asking permission if he could adopt a cat. I guess if I had a chance to pick a dog to adopt might be a Jack Russell or Labrador or Terrier or ... i could go on and on. I know KS wants a Corgi or Husky.

Sang Kancil

There was also a dog competition. Various stages from Beginner Obedience to Advance. Sooo amazed at the discipline they have. Unlike Tara, who goes crazy sometimes.

Well-trained doggies : Labrador & German Shepherd

Command : Sit, Stay

From time to time, we stopped by various food stalls to collect dog food samples. Serious, the amount of stuffs I gathered was definitely worth more than RM5.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June27 - Standard Charted KL Marathon

KL Marathon was a month after Sundown Marathon. After such a painful ITB experience, it was quite scary to get back on the saddle. Plus, I did not quite do any long runs in between. Only 10kms, eg. Setia Alam & MPSJ. Race starts at 5am, so KS & I were up at 2.30am for the usual morning race ritual. Advisable to be at the starting area 1hr before race start. This gives us time for toilet break, warm up, stretching etc.

Full Marathon

We parked at Bukit Aman & made sure no valuables was left in the car. Poong, Paul, Frank, KS & myself headed to the starting area at Dataran Merdeka. The place was lit up with music & exercise routines to hype up the crowd. I wore KS's North Face waist water pouch for emergency case like lack of water (like last year). The pacers were supplied with big colourful balloons with their designated allocated time printed on it.

We did a short run to warm up our muscles then into the lion's den we began. KS went ahead to track the sub4hr pacer while I stuck back with the sub5hr. Having suffer a flu for the past few days, I didn't want to push too hard or else I'll start feeling dizzy. Lian Meng, Kelvin & Kei Ming were carrying the big orange sub5hr balloon.


Oh wait, forgot to mentioned. IT RAINED!!! Pretty heavy too. KS was asthetic. Thankfully I was pretty prepared. Vaselined my whole feet & plastic wrapped my mp3.

Water station

Back to the race. About 5km, I saw Meng running towards the bushes. Hey!!! Pacer cannot pee stop!! From Dataran Merdeka, we ran passed the Muzium towards Brickfields. From there, onwards to the Federal Highway. Water station was pretty good with isotonic drinks, water & cold sponges. The heat started to rise along the Sg Besi airport stretch heading to ... god knows where. Seriously, I was pretty lost at some point. I was still pacing along with Kei Ming.

Pavillion, KL

We started gathering more runners. It was quite fun actually. Chit chatting & joking. Good support along Jalan Bukit Bintang with street performers playing drums and Standard Charted cheerleaders as well. Timed 2hrs 15mins at the half way point. I didn't intend to push to made sure I can survive the 2nd half.

After we left KL City Centre, I think we started heading towards Sentul, Cheras then to Jalan Ipoh. That was a godsent coz it connects to Jalan Kuching towards Jalan Duta. This was the most common running route among runners. I still have trouble running uphill, so I walked with big steps to catch up. Familiar route gives a familiar confidence. Just another 3km to go. We ran passed the Bank Negara towards Sogo.

I really wanted to push on the last KM but I didn't wanna kaput on the final metres. Kei Ming was cheered as pacer as we came closer to the finish line. I had a big smile on my face as I crossed the finish line. 4hrs 51mins. I got my sub5hr (compared to last year 5hrs 15mins). I wasn't that tired. Just slightly sore on my knees. I changed my running style, to avoid my left ITB from hurting. I tried running on my forefoot with my <1month as="" br="" from="" had="" iced="" left="" my="" nb905.="" old="" shin="" time="" to="" well.="">

Special thanks Kei Ming for pacing me for a great time. My other friends who stayed back to cheer for my return. Many thanks to all.

Sights of Kuala Lumpur

Queue to Luggage Tent

Finisher Shirt

Full Marathon Medal

You know I love to alter my shirts. So, I was cutting around with the sides of the shirt to make it smaller. Suddenly I realised that I cut off too much :O

Thankfully I had extra cloth lying around to connect the front & back together...phew. Below is the final outcome. Kinda happy with it too.