Friday, November 6, 2009

Oct13 - Frost the Trail v2

On the Oct 11, Accenture sponsored Keat Seong & myself to run on behalf of them, for the Frost & Sullivan, Frost the Trail run at FRIM. Our team came up 1st, so we were invited to attend their awards night at JW Marriott.

With only a day’s notice, I tried to find the appropriate attire for this grand event (mainly black), but since returning from Brissie, I seemed to have misplaced a lot of my clothes & shoes. KS couldn’t make it coz night shift work.

It was a Tuesday & heading down to KL at 6pm, I must be craaaazy. I wanted to take the LRT but would be troublesome/dangerous when returning late at night. So I decided to drive instead. Baaaddd choice!!! Either I hit the Section 16 way towards Damansara Heights/Duta or Federal Highway, both ways would be jam.

Since I was closest to Federal, I turned out at Jalan 222. Oh my gawd!!! Nearly an hour from there to Amcorp!!! Changing my route, I drove towards University Hospital, thru Universiti Malaya & out to Bangsar & Brickfields. Parked my car behind Brickfields Monorail & took the train from there instead. I was in front of JW Marriott in 15mins.

Thankfully the event had not started. I see everyone in jacket/coats. I felt like a toneless candy strip. Our group was also the youngest around. Surrounding us were businessman, GM, ED etc. These ppl earn >10x compared to us lowly consultants (PA in my case).

We were then ushered to the ballroom consist of 25 round tables. Food was so so with small potion posh dishes. The most difficult part was trying to bluff my way thru that I’m from Accenture when I had no idea what they really do, who their bosses were or their clients. But I can say that these ppl know Thomas Leong (ex-Deloitte ITS Director). Dun worry, nothing good or bad. kekeke

Oh, here comes the “paiseh” (embarrassing) part. I was pretty sure, that ppl were wondering why a bunch of misfits was invited to this prestigious event. Every award winner would go up on stage to accept their award & give a speech. 4 of us were nudging each other on who to speak and mainly about wat. When it was our turn, we went up, smiled & had our pictures taken. Thankfully we weren’t requested to make a speech. Ello, we just won a run for charity. What’s there to talk about here??!!

At the end of the night, all award winners were invited back on stage for a toast. That was when we decided to make our move. We started camwhoring with the award outside when suddenly the organizers came out, asking us back on stage for group phototaking. We started walking towards the stage when the MC said their thanks & bidding adieu to the audience. We stop short. Everyone was looking at us. Totally comedian, we started reversing back towards the exit.

At the hotel lifts, ppl started talking to us about the event & running/exercising. I would say that this is a good place for business marcom, but for me, I’m just there for the food :p

Oct11 - Frost the Trail v1

Su-Ann : hey jenn, whatcha doing this Sun morning?
Jenn : I think run kua at Bukit Aman. Why?
SA : Accenture sending some runners to run at FRIM. You wan or not?
Jenn : Free ah? What’s in it for me?
SA : Charity?
Jenn : Fren, I’m a charity case myself.
SA : Got stuff lah. Mau?
Jenn : Ok lah…put my name in.

Ok, not exactly the same words but u get the idea. Frost & Sullivan had organized 8km trail run at FRIM on 11 October 2009. Its not open to public but to companies. A team of 4 runners entry fee of RM4-5k. Charity mah…

We got lost getting to FRIM. It’s slightly past Kepong. A lot of joggers but have to pay park entrance fee of errr..I think 50cents. My team was Fast & Furious while the other 2 teams were Beer Bellies. Each team was armed with GPS detector.

The past few runs after Raya were short sprints. Once the gun blasted, everyone was on sprint mode. I didn’t dare to go too fast coz I had no idea on the route.

We ran around the park, with light inclines and into the trail road. I was trying out my new New Balance trail shoes for the 1st time. So I risk blistering & shafting.

As this was a public park, expect traffic jams. I tried to be as courteous as I could, shouting “COMING THRU!!” so that walkers could move to the side for the train to blast past. FRIM is also a park where mountain bikers would relish the challenges of off-road.

The 8km felt really long as I had not run trail since err..hmm..errr…2years ago :p I think that was Awana Trailblazer in 2007. How am I supposed to survive The North Face Trailrun in 2 weeks time :(

I was kiasu a few times, looking behind me. I was out of breathe during the uphills that even angmo from Digi team went past me *damn* Anyway, I crossed the finish line 3rd from my team & 1st female timing 52mins (usually road about 45mins).

After that we were treated with food & cold drinks. We went thru the speeches & performances from the 3 charity houses Pusat Kasih Sayang YWCA, KIRTISH & YAWA. Pretty entertaining though.

Accenture Team got 1st & 3rd placing. Actually, 4th but coz the host team, F&S is not entitled a placing, they got upgraded *lucky*. As for my return as a runner for Accenture, see below. EVIL LAUGH!!!!
1st Prize – 1 night stay at JW Marriott
3rd Prize – RM230 voucher for Adonis (I traded a 1st prize for this..kekeke)
First Female – 1 night stay at Berjaya Times Square

Malaysian Reserve (15 October 2009)

Malaysian Reserve (19 October 2009)

News Straits Times (21 October 2009)

Oct10 - Breast Cancer Campaigne, Expo Exhibition etc

Went to Mid Valley & Gardens to support the World Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaine.

Donated RM50 for a pink ribbon & pink shirt

Briefing from experts

Donate RM10 for 2 printed picture

Trying to stick as high as possible on the photowall

Trying to get in the Malaysia Book for most pictures

KL Tower Illumination 2009

Local fashion designers with their Pink designs

Whole world lit for Pink Illumination

Queued for breast examination

Estee Lauder's makeup product

Teaching on how to self examination

Mid Valley Adventure Expo
Excited to play the sphere

Just scream & try not to close your eyes

The dizziness

Cat trying to learn how to climb up wall

Only made it this far up, then arms started vibrating

Playboy fragrance launching


Bunnies were voted by public

Bunnies are mainly local bloggers. Prize was 2 Prada bags
Voting system was to do catwalk & go round asking ppl to vote for them
Requirement was to wear short skirt, nice top & high heels
Host, Jojo Struss introducing Playboy fragrance