Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nov28 - Miri Triathlon (Day 3 - OD)

The big Olympic distance event
Name list in my category

hot ladies

still can laff & chit chat before the race

Spot the croc

Not that many pics because no photographer...the pros cycling back

My 10km run taken by Keat Seong, since he finished much faster than me

Either i was tired from the sprint, luckily still got my 3hr mark with 9th placing

Frederik is 29years old....believe or not
& seriously fast

OD winners

Late lunch at nearby restaurant....doggie also play

My sprint cert with finisher & 3rd place medal

Packing for home
Handcarrying the wheels...wheelbox ngam ngam 15km..phew

Nov28 - Miri Triathlon Sprint (Day 2)

Sprint event
Lucky i brought my towel...the ground was soooo hot at 3pm

Gathering with the other 'girls' before the race

Heading towards the swim start

VIP was late so we were just chilling


Was playing a fool at the start so swim start was late
Marina swim - 700m

Cut my foot at the corals when getting out from the swim

quickly ran to my towel, wore my shoes first before everything else
1st time using my new dura ace wheelset

20km cycle with one biiiiggg hill


Did my quick transition & water on the way out to the run

Played a fool with Keat Seong on the hot 10km run

Uncomfortable run with the cut on my foot...came in 3rd place in my category

Burnt face & body

Dinner & prize presentation

VIP was food was served late...hungry triathletes

Launching for next year...same date as Powerman...sorry can't make it

My 3rd place prize

Sprint winners

My sprint injury

Nov28 - Miri Triathlon 2009 (Day 1)

My first "flying" triathlon, Miri. The troublesome of lending a bic box & limitation of packing. The night before the big trip, carbo loading at Wiliams (PJ)

RM50 for 15kg sports equipment. The box exceeded 6kgs, extra RM120..grrr...

This trip I brought Devil out since he's the smallest size

Welcome to Miri Airport

Thankful there's airport pickup to the hotel
Simon having fun with his "terbalik" aero helmet

Accommodation at Parkcity Everly Hotel
Got it at RM180 2 nights (w/o breakie) whilst normal price is RM150 per night

First lunch in Miri was bak-kut-teh...spare parts for me please

hhahha...for home., please come up...
sure direct translation one

Next up, water supplies from the nearest supermarket
Hydration is important

Briefing on the sprint & OD eg. route, rules, event info

Spring route

OD & Sprint numbers
too bad cannot buy 3D

Dinner at New Tanjung seafood restaurant which was next to the Old Tanjung ...

My stuff for the sprint on Saturday

My stuff for the OD on Sunday