Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feb21 - Ocean Park, Hong Kong 2011

If you thought of learning how to get to the places I've visited eg. Stanley Street, and now Ocean Park.
Sorry I can't help you coz we were pretty much guided by my friend who's currently residing in HK.
Next on the itinerary was Ocean Park.
What's famous there? Pandas
The bus to Ocean Park
The queue for Ocean Park bus was looonnngg
But when with friends, you have company.
While waiting, camwhore
Welcome to Ocean Park
Imitating the Seal
Ocean Park Mascot, Whiskers
Map of Ocean Park
Taking the cable car to the other side of the island for the theme park
Spot on the upper right hand corner, Roller Coaster
wait a that Stanley Street?
KS & I skipped the Ship ride....I'm not good with heights
Testing to see if Bee & Ray will scream...we made them sit opposite each other..hahha
This is not something I like to sit after a meal...*bleahhhh*
The Dragon...*rrrooarr*
Ray helped us with the picture taking
ahahha..this is seriously farrrneee...shark & hammerhead shark
Bee, this is so becoming...kekek
This is just too cute...ahhahah...*rolled off the chair*
This looked like a fish bit my head
Manta or turtle?
Time to go back to the seaworld.
Rather than taking the cable car, we took the train instead.
Amazing sea creatures video on the train
Hahha...seal disguise as hammerhead shark
Time to see some animals
The red panda was in hiding but An An was the main attraction there

We didn't spend much time here coz we had to catch an early flight out
*stick tongue out*

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