Friday, March 20, 2009

Mar19 - Brisbane Bike Week

Cycling to work is on the rise and every new bicycle commuter helps achieve a cleaner, healthier world and introduces new people to the fun and benefits of cycling. Bicycle Queensland wants to encourage workplace co-ordinators to introduce new people to cycling to work.

One of the best ways for workplaces that already have some cycle commuters is to entice and support others to try cycling to work. And during Bike Week is a great time to start as you can win great prizes simply by riding to work!


I guessed the main objective I was here was for the free food & trying my luck at the Lucky Draw of a new Fuji Sunfire 1.0 Hybrid bike or even the other small stuff. As I knew there were a few cyclists in my company, I pasted signage around the office the day before telling people about this gathering, No such luck. Thankfully I wasn’t the only Asian looking out of place. Just look see look see, makan then cabut.

Good thing I had my backpack with me because there were so much to take. Bottles of juice, yoghurt (yes, I very healthy), cereal and milk and located hidden at the far corner, a hotdog stand / van. Slurp slurp….

Somehow a hair salon got into the picture as well. Offering mini massages & helmet hair repair. I wanted a head massage, but got a shoulder & neck massage instead. I guess they saw me carrying a heavy bag so offered some relaxation. BUuuutttt…I’ll be carrying it again when I ride to my office mah. As for the helmet hair, it’s pretty straight forward. U wear a cycling helmet & the wind is your blow drying. Tadah!!!! Free hair styling somemore.

I’ve got 2 cute honks, blue & pink. Bells are no more in fashion. I decided to pick the weirdest colour of juices just to test if it tastes as bad as it looks. The 1st bottle was apple, banana, passionfruit, plum & lemon with all natural green botanicals. And 2nd was apple, orange, cranberry, mango, lemon with herbal infusion & honey. Well, I had only drunk the 1st and it made me thirsty. Just tasted too sweet.

This weekend, scheduled rides with distances 70km ($65), 55km, 35km, 20km & 10km ($50). All proceeds will be donated to charity. I won’t be going for any of them because I am a charity case myself. I welcome all donations :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me? In Australia's Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

What a way to start my new blog
To my surprised when my teammates told me I was in the magazine

I'm on the right....bending over

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