Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feb21 - Stanley Street, Hong Kong 2011

We wanted to get out of the city so Ray recommended Stanley Street.
Took the bus & travelled for about err...forgot...maybe 40mins-1hr.
This is the area where the rich & stays.
Its near the coast with beautiful highrise condos.
The hole in the condo is for the wind to penetrate thru.
You wouldn't want the strong wind to push the building down.
Stanley Street is a shoppers paradise without the hustle & bustle of the city
Its actually like the normal city night market but we found the things much cheaper here
*close eyes* Would you dare to wear that tie to work?
Poong & JLoo *siblings at work*
Walking along the restaurants looking for a spot of lunch
Najib's jummy fish & chips for the cold weather
I have yet to learn to indulge on ice cream when I'm cold
Photo op scene
The group *missing Najib*
Bee, Ray, Angie, Jloo, Poong, KS & pinkie Me
I'm colder than these 2
The leg is up!!!
At Stanley Street, I bought a long sleeves top for my Korea trip
At Queen's street, bought a knited beanie & winter gloves, also for my Korea trip
Handbag hanger from Stanley Street
My boots broke when I was in SOHO, so bought these pair of boots for walking.
Too bad to say that it was a total spur of a moment purchase. It was too hard on the front.
Might sell it on Ebay.

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