Friday, March 30, 2012

Mar24 - 1st week in Adelaide

Don't worry, I wouldn't be making an entry each week I've been here. That'll make it tremendously lonnnng, while impatiently waiting for KS to join me in mid-June.
This is Victoria Square. Pretty much the center of the city. 
I had expected to be hit with the Autumn cool weather, but it was freaking hot.
Compared to M'sia, it's burning & dry rather than humid. 
Chinatown & Chatime 
In regards to my accommodation, M'sia houses are made of generally bricks.
Detached, Semi-detached, bungalows. 
Australian houses are made of wood. So that it can be easily torn down & rebuilt.
With the help of, I was able to find a room in a suburb, 20mins away from the city by bus. 
My housemate is an Australian guy. Once a child reached the age 18years, they move out of their parents house, unlike us Chinese. He was pretty particular about choosing a housemate. Even had a contract.
I'm pretty flexible. As long as I don't sign a lease (don't wanna be tied) and that KS is welcome to stay when he arrives. The Pros is that the rent will not be raised. Bills will be divided accordingly.
Cons to this place is the timber flooring, its pretty noisy and the toilet is next to my room. Tahan! Tahan!

It was an unfurnished room for $175p/w. Which is pretty expensive for a solo person. But I was taking the bigger room. And it's more affordable when KS comes over. I had purchased a bed via Queen mattress w frame, quilt & whole bedsheet set for only $120. Total deal!!! 
I took a trip to Glenelg via tram. Only 20-30mins away from the city.
This is the nearest beach in Adelaide. Everything is actually pretty near here. 
The hot sun & blue sky 
The street was full of shops. I actually bought a knit wear for $10...temptation!!! 
I was introduced to a cycling fren (Chee Mun)'s sister, who is residing in Adelaide with her family.
Actually, she was moving house & needed to get rid of stuff. 
Check it out!!! 
From only having a bed, I bought floor lamp, laundry basket & chair from Ikea. 
I got from Wai Kuan a table, rubbish bin, clothes airier, drawers, stools, mirror, fridge, dining table & chairs.

I'm still surprise...all this in 1week!!!
Let's not forget about my backyard!!!

Mar17 - Welcome to Adelaide

Bought my flight ticket with MAS. AA doesn't fly to Adelaide, not sure if that's considered a good / bad thing since my body needed a rest with budget airline seats, but that also means that it's not really cheap to fly back too frequently.
Flight out on Mar 17 (Saturday). Would be easier for KS to see me off. We took the KLIA Express train 25mins ride. I didn't cry (I couldn't stop waving when I went thru customs). I remember this feeling. Something new. Alot of baggage customs check. I was worried coz I had my big backpack, 1 handcarry bag, jacket & my softtoy, Lammu. Gotta play it cool, imagining my bag was as light as a feather (heavy leh w tab & netbook). 
I thought I would pretty much get a good 3/4 seats to myself for a good night sleep. Think again. It was a full flight!!! Thankfully the seat next to me was empty, but its not easy to stretch out w only 2 seats.
I had Burger King with KS for dinner at the airport, then on the plane we were served dinner as well. 
One of the things I like about expensive airlines is the food & in-flight entertainment. I remember searching for the movie New Year's eve in KL, at last found it on the plane. Took a 3hrs zzz then was served breakfast. My body was too tired to eat. 
Upon arrival, customs in Australia is very strict. After past experience, I knew there were somethings eg. chinese medicine, instant noodles etc that I don't have to bring. Thankfully, they let me thru the green lane without scanning my bags.

Once I got out, after much research, I bought my SkyLink ticket for $10 to take me to the my hostel. As I was walking towards the gate, I noticed a familiar looking van driving away. Next thing I knew, looking at the schedule, the next van is in 40mins. I was already too tired, so I took the taxi anyway. Cost me $22, airport is only 20-30mins away from the city.
I made my booking online at $27 p/n for a week at an all ladies dorm (4beds). No advance payment required. Pay upon arrival. I wasn't quite given a proper introduction when I arrived. Just notified where was my room. Since I arrived like 9something in the morning, I dozed off to sleep.
Being a dorm, I expected it to be noisy. Well, since outside my room was the computer room, there was lots of typing sounds. At about 1030am, the staffs started vacuuming and changing the bedsheets. 
Explored the hostel abit. Don't quite have a picture of the computer section which faces the front part of the main road towards the 2 balcony & downstairs is the reception area. Walking towards the back are the various rooms; twin, mixed dorm, double and triple. Then the kitchen & TV area. 
The laundry is located on the right side along with the female & male toilets. Left side also has female & male toilets with 3 bathrooms.
I've stayed at backpackers before, so this is actually more private/quiet. Since I wasn't a tourist, I stayed indoors most of the time. Oh, not forgetting free WIFI. Looking for place to stay & emailing out my CV for work. The hostel arranges many tours around. 20mins walk to the main part of the city. And there's a 24/7 gas station with 24hrs subway available.
This was taking from the hostel toilet window (that's netting).
Why is it so freaking hot when it's suppose to be heading to autumn?

Gambante!!! Fighting!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mar16 - Draw Something app

The latest thing these days is the "Draw Something" application.

During meal time at the dining table, everyone will be taping away on their phones/tablet. 
It's actually fun to play. U add a fren of yours or any random stranger 
(don't worry, u don't exchange info, unless u wan to)
You are given 3 words, depending on difficulty, to draw to your fren.
After that your fren has to guess ur drawing. Then vice versa.
With that, you obtain coins. The more coins you get, you can buy colours or bombs for assistance. 
And presenting, a drawing by KS of Twilight.
Ahhh...can you not feel the creativity.
*Shake head*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mar16 - Preparing the big move

To prepare myself for the big move, there are a few things that needed to be done.
Somethings you know that you have difficulty finding in a foreign country, and things that would prepare you for the coming months.
Get back my registration deposit from dance schools
I've been learning my pole class with Viva Vertical via Talent Hub. 
Clearing stuff? Try Cash Converter....though truthfully, they give quite crappy returns. 
See your favourite dentist, White Zone Dental at PJ State
Pulled out my other wisdom tooth (while I can still claim from my company).
Read review here
Clear your tax....let's see how did i do it
Since I was leaving in Mar, I got my 2011 EA form from HR. Declared my tax (got return =p).
After that I got estimate amount 2012 EA form from HR.
With the printed 2011 tax forms & the 2012 EA form, I went to the Taxation office.
You have to go to the office that has your records. Dunno where? Call them.
When u get there, just say u wanna do Tax Clearance. 
Dingdong dingdong, u'll be given 2 letters. One for HR to state can release my last month's pay, another to myself. That's it!!! 
Eat your favourite food...mine was Bak Kut Teh in Puchong.
This shop has Chinese Rice Wine/XO in the soup (upon request)....I simply lovvveee it 
My weekly routine to the night market aka pasar malam.
Sometimes I don't have anything to get. I just want the environment.
Imported colour contact lense is so competitive these days.
Got a pair for only RM10....w prescription too.
Saving it for one of those dinner occasions. 
Don't forget your medical checkup.
Yes, I'm an athlete but that doesn't mean I'm realllly healthy.
Especially when you are a Woman. 
There are special checkup for us such as pap smear & breast ultrasound. 
Changing your money to the right currency.
Been going to this money changer for sometime.
Don't forget to negotiate for a better price especially when changing huge amount. 
Aussie dollars is so high right now. My stack of Ringgit has just dropped to so few. 
Appreciate your love ones even if they are animals.
Handsome from KS's actually a female...oh well 
My baby Tara. I realllly reallly miss her much.
My family, I can easily talk to. Gotta try to video skype her.
Everyone asked me what's going to happen to her & why don't I bring over.
Well, she'll be keeping my family company plus I found out to bring animals over to Aus, they'll be quarantine for 6mths. 
Last but not least, the packing. 
Try to do as much as you can before you leave.
I wouldn't wan to burden my family. 
Packed & label everything accordingly.

That's wat I did in 2weeks....

Let's not forgot an important thing for frequent & "carry lots of stuff" traveller...a digital luggage scale

Mar15 - Farewell w my colleagues at Fresenius Kabi

Several farewell sessions with my ex-colleagues at Fresenius Kabi

Korean restaurant in Sec14 with the Finance girls & Lengchais Han Seong & Wai
Dimsum at Jaya33 with the Marketing team & boss, Kristina (german lady) 
this pic includes Lam in it 
Kristina was to be based in Sydney for 2months, so on the day before she left, she baked us an apple crumble pie....there's always food in the office...yumyum 
Lunch with the marketing team again & other departments 
Sooooo gonna miss authentic chinese food 
Lam, Pathma, John, Ai Hiong, Fred & Mary 
Marketing team : Mee Ching, Ai Hiong, Wai, Sim Leng & Lam

Last year, due to the unfortunate death of Eng Hua right after our Annual dinner, the 2010/11 Sports Club Committee didn't have our appreciation dinner. Thankfully our Advisor remembered us this year along w the 2011/12 committee.
Wai & Amy 
From left around : Celeste, Cathrine, Geraldine, Fred, Cher, Wai, Amy & Yun Fen

My walk around the office....alot was not around since I left right before lunch 
Wai..don't forget red card ah 
Finance : Maggie & Paulynn 
Finance : Rachel & Wendy 
Finance : Celeste & Paulynn
Pharma business unit head : Philip...yes, he's very tall  
Finance team w Financial Controller : Guan Lin

You ask why I had so many pics with the Finance team is because I've been having lunch with them every weekday since I've joined. Plus we're one big happy family.

Cheers to all!!! Will miss you much...we still have facebook