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Nov13 - Powerman 2011

The last time I raced Powerman was 2years ago. (2009)
And it was terrrible for me. Full distance 11km run, 60km bike, 10km run.
Cutoff time was 5hrs & I did it in 4hrs 49mins. 10mins to spare.
Last year we went racing Taroko Gorge Marathon, so we skipped it.
So this year, I made the smart choice of joining the sprint distance instead.
Actually, once you joined the full, there's no dropping to the shorter distance.
But coz we skipped a year, my records was no longer in the system. =p Glitch....
KS & I went to TTDI to collect our bibs. One of the early participants there.
Brooks and Powerbar as its major sponsors gave pretty good stuff.
The drifit shirt by Brooks was really comfy.
Timing chip strap was neoprene so no shafting on the skin.
I wish i could keep it. But I paid a deposit of RM50 for it. *sniff sniff*
Directions to Lumut will never change every year. Click here for directions
It was raining cats & dogs when we left PJ.
Once we reach the Bidor, it was trunk road all the way. 
Powerbar is very efficient. They had banners hung at the major traffic lights.
The road condition was pretty bad. Malaysia has a terrible way of patching holes. 
They don't only fill the hole with tar but extra till it becomes a bump.
So it still comes out crappy.
I took this very same picture in 2009. Its the bridge to Lumut. 
This race is dubbed as the hottest race in Malaysia.
Remember it was raining in PJ. Clear skies here. Weird.
We stayed at the same hotel. Actually the wisest coz its the closest to the race start.
Thanks to Tony for doing a batch booking for us.
This hotel is a total sellout once a year. Its located next to a supermarket & lots of eateries.
The view outside our room window. 
It's also the cycling route.
KS & I were pretty anti-social this round. We didn't really meet up with friends when we arrived.
Just hung around the hotel & rested.
I had actually research on a pasta place in Lumut. Found a western restaurant.
But the problem, it was quite expensive.
I think about RM26 for a plate of pasta.
So we popped by next door instead.
And they had pasta for RM9.
Next early morning, we cycled to the race start. 
I felt weird coz everyone was heading towards the full distance bike rack.
And I was totally lost. Didn't go for the briefing nor research on the layout.
Found my little corner & everyone was asking what I was doing at the far end of transition.
In triathlon/dualthlon, I trust in the power of lubricate.
Dun think weird nawty stuff, its mainly to prevent shafting.
You place wherever you think ur skin would rub against eg. clothes, shoes.
For me is my armpit, my shoulder, my feet & some secret places. *shhhh*
Full distance started first, then the relay.
Last was the sprint. KS kept teasing me that I was kiasu over young Sylvia.
Seriously, she's like 15yrs old & its a fast athlete. 
Her dad also a fast athlete is training her to be come duathlete & triathlete. 
The new generation is coming. 
In the start I had my eye on Sue Ling. But within 1km, she was gone. I dubbed her a Malaysian's Chrissie.
She's freaking skinny, light & fast. Don't forget tan too.
KK & Jason Thiang's boys were err...dun wanna talk about ppl who are faster than me..hahhaha
Sprint distance was 5.5km run, 32km cycle, 5km run
My first run was maintaining pace. Short distance runs easily gives me side stitch.
Interesting that I timed 27mins for 5.5km. There's something wrong here...meaning that's a PB for me.
This might look weird. Wearing an aero helmet on a road bike.
I don't quite use it often coz i'm paiseh/shy since my cycling is quite bad.
This time I even took off the aerobars to lighten my bike.
I found out that cycling whilst holding the drop down bars was more comfortable.
By the look at the photos, I think my helmet was abit too high on my forehead.
I didn't dare to do my leave-the-shoes-on-the clips off saddle coz duathlon is quite strenuous on the calves.
Lots of ppl get cramps during the T2 transition.
My last 5km timed 29mins.
As for the full distance, the sun was high up.
KS did a fast 53mins for his first 11km
Dressed all Macca colour *vain pot*
Timed 1hr 49mins for 64km.
Dunno if considered fast / slow to him.
Caught KS at the finishing last run at 55mins 10km.
At this time, I was already done. 
Went back to the hotel to shower then back here again to support KS

We were given either tau fu fah or ice kacang.
Its so hot...big duh there!!!
Alot of ppl hung around the finishing tent where the aircon was.
We were provided with ice cold towel to cool ourselves too.
I was trying to locate KS at the finishing, then I saw him on the floor.

It was quite farnee. KS said it was his thighs that cramp, but the First Aid kept pulling it toes up.
That stretches the calves, not the thighs. Oh well...
We went to the gate to meet up with Randy, KK & Ivie.
It was joyous with their company. They had their own supply of beer for the hot day.
Let's not forget about Fufur.
This should be our last Malaysia Powerman.
That's why KS insisted on racing it.
I am a triathlete (I prefer to swim-bike-run)
KS is a duathlete. He don't fancy swimming.
Medal difference between the sprint & full distance.
It was Powerman's 10th Anniversary. Hence the big X on the full distance medal.

As for me, I was lucky to come in 4th placing in the Women's Sprint Category.
Was abit kiasu coz there was no split in the age group.

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