Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct4 - Taylor's College AdventuRun 2009

It was a busy weekend, with both Putrajaya 70.3 triathlon, Ekiden Relay Run & Taylor’s College AdventuRun all fell on 4th October, Sunday morning.

At first, I registered for Putrajaya, racing my maiden 70.3 (swim 1.9km, bike 90km, run 21km) which was originally scheduled in July, but with the excuse of H1N1 (actually I believe coz lack of participants), was postponed to October, clashing with everything else. Didn’t want to take the risk (& waste RM180), I demanded refund. But guess what!!! Keat Seong went to 888 during the pre-race briefing, and noticed that both our names were still in the list!!! Meaning we can race for FREEE!!! Of course Keat Seong wouldn’t miss this big opportunity.

As for me, I went for Taylor’s AdventuRun instead. Mainly because I got my bro, mom, Joanne Loo & Poong (ex-colleagues) along for the ride. My mom, bro & Jlo did the 4km while me & poong did the 8km. I was glad to get my bro away from his computer & a mother-daughter bonding session. As for Jlo, is to prepare her for trailblazer. Everyone (except Poong) had an experience waking up at 530am. Venue was Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras.

We got a little lost heading there. This is not the common Bukit-Aman-runners location, and Cheras isn’t exactly near either. We wondered around waiting for the event to start. There was also an exercise session, which of course I didn’t participate. I dun believe in doing the “star-jump” as a warmup.

All I can say about this park that its bigggggg and steep. What goes up must come down. And I would have preferred to roll down rather than hurt my ankles & knees. The incline was like Gasing hill, making me gasp for air once I reached the top. 100Plus was provided at their 1 water station.

It was a 4km loop, so we were required to do 2loops to make it 8km. I thought I would be able to overlap my mom & bro, then take a pic of them crossing the line, but they were too fast for me. I came out Champion in my category, Women Open.
Worst news was Lulu’s car got broken into. So both Poong’s & Lulu’s stuff was stolen. This is a public park!!! What the hell!! Lulu said the only thing they didn’t take was her water bottle.

Whilst both Poong & Lulu went to make their police report, mom, bro & me waited for the prize giving ceremony. Oh, did I mention that the reason why I wanted to race this event was because it was a charity event for PAWS. I expected more dogs here, but only Kopi, PAW’s representative’s schnauzer made its appearance.

After performances such as hip hop (shoes sponsored by Crocs), wushu (reminds me of the ol’days) and lucky draw (no luck also), came the prize giving ceremony.

I should have wore a more striking shirt.

When we were about to leave, we were requested to collect another goodie bag. Not bad for a RM25 registration fee.

My prize hamper contained a Tupperware & everything else from Vico
Lucky draw grand prize was a 19” LCD Monitor from Acer (like I said, no luck)

Received a RM200 gift voucher from Crocs as Champion. I have such luck with Crocs. I won the
Beach style - One mile dash – New Year Run
Pre-pair style – PD Triathlon 2009

After much consideration, I decided to sell the voucher instead. Hey, I can buy like 2 pairs of nice shoes with that kind of $$$

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct2 - Frangipani

Ming & San invited Keat Seong & myself to Frangipani, one of the best French restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Frangipani Restaurant & Bar. Contemporary fine French food plus modern, sleek, chic and sexy.

I couldn't make it for dinner so I decided to join drinks instead. Felt a little intimidated when I arrived. No idea where to go. All the greeter told me was "right thru there & look out for the water".

Once I went thru the huge doors, the noise from the outside traffic just faded. Only to trickle of water. The restaurant was in a squarish room with a water pool right in the middle & the tables/chairs surrounding it.

After that we went upstairs to the bar. I drank Mai Tai, recommended by Chris, coz I'm not that great with liquor.

*pics courtesy of Chris, Michie & Julie

Sept21 - THG Mooncake Celebration

Team Hyper Gilar (THG) had a Mooncake festival at Bee's Hives...kekeke...

*pics courtesy from Frank

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sept20 - Buying a pair of New Balance Trail shoes

Time for some trail running with 2 trail races in my calendar. Singapore The North Face run ( and Awana Genting Trailblazer.

I've always been a devoted New Balance runner. Thought I'll go back to them for my 1st trail shoes.

I find the WT875 nice & light. Also cushiony. But if i wanna race in it, I dun wan the extra weight.

WT812 looks really old with a boring design but its sturdy.

WT571 is an older model, tough and less cushiony.

WT840 is very chic and modern looking. Love the colour but not the price. Extremely light, less cushion but too broad for my feet. Didn't feel secure when I ran in it.

So i decided on WT571. But problem was what colour? Took me like 20-30mins just deciding

....Still deciding...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sept19 - What I did during 2009 Raya holidays

Retail therapy is goooodddd...spent about 5hrs there. Keat Seong was on-call so he had to login to work whenever he receives an international call. Which gives me time to walk around more at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.

Guess what's one of my favourite colours?

Spent ~RM70 at Guardian

Oh forgot that Mooncake festival was around the corner. Sunway Pyramid got promo where u spend >RM50 in a single receipt, get some gifts loh

My trim at X-Cut for only RM16. Cut too short..sniff sniff...i dun wanna layer my hair

Played with residential cat, ah mou & son

Family dinner at KGNS.
Try to see who's the eldest to the youngest

Shape Run edition

Checkout the blue hair :p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sept9 - Fresenius Kabi 3rd Cycle Meet (Avillion)

Thank my lucky stars, I was able to join my current company’s the 3rd Cycle Meet. Seems like every quarter, the sales team (central & outstation) would get together to update on the ups & downs. Since my Marketing Managers (I report to 3 product managers) were briefing their product, I had a reason to attend as well. *snicker snicker* Not like I’ve anything to do with the meeting. Ok ok…as a new staff, introduction then.

We left the office around 1030am. Suppose to meet for lunch at 12.30pm. Majority got lost. Good thing I still remembered the way, a little. Didn’t turn into PD town. Briefing took about 3hrs, then teabreak. After that we checked into our rooms to change into comfy clothing for team building games (see end of blog for pics).

As this was a pretty leisure 2days-1night weekday trip, I didn’t do much other than walk around & took pics.

That night, a few people (3 cars) drove to Seremban just to karaoke the night away. *eyebrow raised* I took a nice midnite drip in the pool and stroll around exploring, under the moonlit night. My roommate had to study for next day’s product exam.

Being a weekday, I automatically woke up early. Thought of going for a run along the beach, but since it’s like a holiday, why bother :p Had a game of tennis with my colleagues then to breakfast. We left back to office at 11am :(

Somehow it’s a good thing the company is relevantly small, meaning we can upgrade in our expenses kekeke. We stayed in the Water Chalet, with a wondrous bathtub & open-air bathroom.

Team building was organized by Avillion. Quite a fun bunch of people. Even my GM joined in. 4 games x 3 teams. Guess which team won? :p