Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June7 - Klang pacemaker 21km

I had a good run with last year’s Klang 21km, winning 9th place timing 2hrs 35mins. That was the 1st time I actually went on the podium. So this year was no different, trying my luck to get something out of it.

(http://purrjen.wordpress.com/2008/06/08/apr-27-klang-pacers-marathon-21km/ )

Thru research, and clashing of other events, Singapore Sundown & Penang Malakoff, I think that I might have a chance. Cross fingers. This year’s Klang run was held at Setia Alam. Where? I wish I knew too. You have to drive thru Shah Alam, deep into it, then appear in new area of Klang. If driving from Puchong, that’s in total about 4 tols to pass. It’s a newly developed area, with little traffic and a layer of dust in the air from construction.

Met up with a few familiar faces and we were off. I didn’t quite study the race map coz I wouldn’t be able to recognise the roads. So just follow loh. The early morning warmth was quite bad. I started sweating after 10minutes. I had tried to time split at each water station, but it didn’t seem consistent. Somemore no KM markers.

I think I didn’t carbo load enuff coz by 10km, I was freaking hungry. I started slowing down coz I could actually feel my stomach acids playing limbo inside. Holding on to my tummy, I ran to the next water station to take my powergel.

I hate it when we encounter a turn towards a longer road when U could see the finish line in sight on the other side. It’s kinda demoralising. From there on, I’ll just keep asking myself “where are we going?” or “are we there yet?”

On the last 2km, I met up twin bro, Poh Seng. He was pacing with Keat Seong in the start. Without much distance in his legs, he was at a good pace. With another 500m left, I left him for my finishing sprint.

To my amazement, I won 7th placing in my category timing 2hrs 16mins. Wearing my green skirt, was supposing drifty but I felt that I wasn’t getting enuff air circulation between my legs. Maybe I should opt for running tights next time instead.

We all changed & waited for the prize giving ceremony. Our ladies won quite a few of placement and our men with 1 placing. If we were to look at the men’s run time, it’s like superman compare to the women’s time.

If you are in Klang, u do wat the klangites do. Eat bakkut-teh loh. I seldom join the group to makan after a run coz after my stomach usually don’t feel good. But after lazing around, all is calm for some piggy meat.

2008 - 2hrs 35mins
2009 - 2hrs 16mins

- Till next year -