Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 June13 - Pole has arrived

I've always considered it but never really purchased it.
Maybe coz in Msia, it was just too expensive.
I'm a huge fan of ebay so I contacted a few purchasers from ebay suppliers to evaluate on the poles.
Few good reviews. No complains especially if you are a beginner.
Big heavy box arrived in the office.
I was excited. Problem was bringing it home.
I took it apart and stuffed it into my shopping cart.
Instructions were pretty easy to follow.
KS playing monkey with it.
Problem for me is that I don't have much space in my surrounding.
The dining area is the only place that had a low ceiling on it.
I had to move 4 bikes & 2 dining chairs away before I could even spin.
Plus, the ceiling was grainy, so when I spin & invert, dust falls into my face.
The standard pole size is 50mm so it is thick compared to the brass 38mm I practice at Pole Boutique.

I'm not encouraging ppl to get cheapo poles like me.
But if you intend to really advance yourself, get a reliable quality pole like X-Pole.

2012 12Dec14 - AIB Christmas Party

I've always loved Christmas parties (eventhough I don't celebrate it).
I remember when I went for my previous company's Christmas party and I was dressed up as Lephrechaun (handsewed the whole set myself, from the top hat to the jacket tails)

No theme for this party but it doesn't matter. It's a get-together anyway.
Makes it so much easier to get to venue and I have a car this time!!! kekek
Few companies were having their Christmas celebration too and as the function room was too stuffy, we hung out at the balcony, overlooking Glenelg beach.
I didn't know it was a formal wear thingy so I rocked up in jeans =p
All the PYTs (pretty young things) except for the hand
Small group of 5 tables
I've always loved Kris Kringle.
I actually suggested & initiated the idea of giving 3 suggestions as preferred present.
Idea was Malaysia mali one
(proper Eng translation : The idea came from my past experience in Msia)
I asked for a Rebel sports $20 gift card.
And I got it, along with other small stuffs. The effort...wow!!
Then the karaoke session started.
Can't say lunch was great. Nothing much to wow about but then I'm not the type of person to say No to free food.
Sonita (Sales) won the Fashionista Award
Name of awards I forgot =p
Heidi (Sales) won the Suck-Up Award =p
Mittal (Accounts) won the Star Employee Award
The horse dance, Gangnam Style...gawd knows how many times this was played
Applause to Laurence who really tried to sing it
Don't tell me you can't "sense" what dance we're doing
Like usual, I would have left before this happened.
Vodka cruiser anyone??!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 06June09 - Ironman Cairns full and 70.3

Bike check-in was on Saturday afternoon.
The advantage on staying just 300m away from the starting line is befitting.
However, walking to the swim start jetty is *ouch ouch* nearly 800m on pebble stones walking path.
The start of the walking path. Give yourself a foot reflexology by walking barefooted.
My feet was numb by the time i reached the jetty.
Deep water start. Really cloudy the day before.
My 2nd Ironman event.
Bike porning is always a must.
It's like window shopping.
Met a pro at the section. KS kept asking me to take photo with her.
Paiseh....i don't quite know her. Not personally, just that i don't read magz or keep updated to know her =p

But these 3....hmmm...niceeee
When I actually do an Ironman distance race, it is not going to be ONLY gels as my lunch.
My bike setup area.
Target next year, Tri bike =p
Run bags
Kinda worrisome on your sunnies. I left mine in the casing.
Doesn't matter if it takes time to take it out.
Bike bag. Rekky the place to make sure i run into the correct aisle.
First time entering changing room. 
Don't really like walking on grass when wet. 
It sticks to the feet when you wanna wear your shoes.


Swim - 1.9km
Sighhh...rookie mistake. I thought since I stay nearby the starting line, I had time to go back to the hotel and use the toilet facilities. However, the bloody jetty was so far away, by the time I got to the starting line, it was already final call. Plus since its a deep swim start, we had to swim out about 50m to the line. No stretching, just jumped in the water and swam. The gun fired before I reached the starting time. Thankfully the sun has not fully rise up yet. So no glare from the sun. KS's Ironman start had the full force of it though. Pretty straight forward route.

Bike - 180km
The 1 sports that is my weakest. I can never seem to sit comfortably. Coach KS had me training on the trainer for 3hrs straight to help me get use to the non-stop movement of my legs. The good news is that it helped. Plus, had my bike's crank arms shorter for me to spin easily. The bike route was scenic with some parts coastal, rolling hills. it did rained a little at the end of the bike route. T1 & T2 at at different locations.

Run - 21km
I might have put too much into the bike because I felt tired when I started my run. This is what happens when I don't train brick session enough for long duration. Running from T2 towards the Esplanade felt long (around 10km worth). I had to alternate walk/run in between. Funny incident was a fellow racer whom I passed suddenly shouted at me "Don't you dare stop!" when I was starting to slow down =p. We kept together until about 500m away when I started sprinting to the finish line.

After I had completed my race, I went back to the room to recover. Then, drive to T2 to pick up both bikes (early flight out the next day).
On the way back, we drive alongside the runners. I actually noticed KS hobbling away.
I stopped my car on the side. Had his glasses with me. Asked a water station assistant to pass it to him. As it was getting dark, wearing sunnies is kind of difficult. Plus it was pouring on & off.
He said he wanted to give up already as he was not feeling well & he hurt. I told him to try to get to the Esplanade first then judge from there. Unfortunately, the Ironman racers had to run 3 loop around the Esplanade (passing the finish area each time). 
After much encouragement, KS WALKED 11km worth to complete the race.
Pete Jacobs handing out medals to Ironman finishers
Dazed KS finishing
Ironman Finisher shirt
70.3 Finisher "Shirt"
Both our medals..sport the size difference
Of course he gets the towel as well (at the price that he pays $$)

Getting out from the water - 0.16 seconds
Running towards T1 - 0.08 seconds
Starting of the bike - 0.19 seconds (sport the white sleeves)
Running into T2 - 0.07 seconds
Before crossing the finish line - 0.05 seconds
After crossing the finish line - 0.08 seconds

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