Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec17 - Aerial & Christmas Workshop 2011

Viva Vertical had a Christmas Workshop on the Dec17 at The Stage
Join a contest via Facebook to attend the morning Aerial Workshop (Silk & Hoop)
[Fantasy Name] likes [type of music] in [number] inch
 - Jenn's version "Agent J" likes "Suave & Seduction" in "5" inches

10:00am - Registration
10:10am - Full body warm-up
10:20am - Aerial Hoop experience
10:50am - Aerial Silk experience
11:20am - Stage Performance Workshop

"Hot X'mas" Pole Workshop
TIME: Intermediate (12-3pm) / Beginners (1-3pm)

3-6pm Stage X'mas Pole Party
ATTIRE: Costumes relevant to Christmas!
ENTRANCE FEE: FREE for X'Mas workshop students / RM10 at door

4pm Gift of Fitness
ATTIRE: Workout gear, clean soled sports shoes/barefoot wear shoes or barefoot
ENTRANCE FEE: It's Christmas Fever FREE
Partner-in-crime : Julie Rhee
Silk Workshop with Leader, Miko
not really my thing, maybe more strength required
I actually like this more but silk might be soft but not that kind to the skin
Miko makes it all seem simple
Provided fruit tart but from Aerial to Xmas Workshop....no time for lunch
Xmas pole routine
Duo pole routine
We usually performed duo on separate poles...first time on the same pole
So this is how it is actually done...it was fun...
Especially with the working together communication
Viva Vertical Leaders, Nana, Lola, Miko
Bullying Lola
Somehow we both wore the same colours...& this was totally not coordinated
Merry Christmas All Pole Stars!!!

New updated pics (updated 26Jan2012)

Stage performance Workshop
Each of us has to be touching the core person in the middle.
 After that we had to find our way out of our difficult individual spot.
This really looks like we've fighting..aahah
 The dancer in the middle is the core.

 Final photoshoot with our newly learnt skill for Hoops & Silk Experience
See yourself in heaven yet?
Spot me....

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