Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept28 - Aysha & Kneehold

With a few tips from Yen, I was able to master the kneehold without much pain..
can peace somemore..hahha
Jealous that Julie is able to do a Powerhold with Aysha.
Got myself a wristband to secure my gripping arm coz the full weight is on it.

Gotta keep trying & stop slipping...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept21 - Pole - Powerhold & knee hold

Continued with my powerhold practice. This time, Angel (instructor-in-training also participated in the Malaysia Pole Championships) was there to assist. Gave me some useful tips especially for better grip. Imagine my whole weight just on my arms. Its much harder & heavier being upside down.

Borrowed Angel's wristband as wrist was getting abit sore.
Was able to achieve my goal of letting go my feet
But when the body is not stiff & core not contracted, the body will shake & fall.
So lots of focus & concentration is required. 
Next trick was the knee hold.
Find the sweet spot on the knee is not easy.
Have to "tahan" bear the pain for a while, maybe 15secs just to look nice, then back towards the pole.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept11 - Ecoparadise

Elder bro was hitting the high on health : high cholesterol, high blood pressure and increase of weight due to frequent outstation fieldwork resulting to unlimited resources of buffet.

Had him try out bootcamps, which didn't work. So the shortcut way was trying out the sauna method.
We heard about Ecoparadise at Jaya1, PJ. Plus, I found a deal for RM30 for 3 sessions. Now how can I say no to something like that when 1 session cost about RM70 kuaaahhh....

The Ecoparadise anti-oxidant solution is a revolutionary product created not only for health recovery of people and the purification of the environment but also for reduction of CO2 and saving energy. -
Located next to Zouk Spa.
Remember to take off your footwear before entering.
The surrounding is filled with anti-oxidents.
At the reception area are samples eg. bread that has been there for some months, turned stale but not mouldy. This is due to the clean air surrounding the shop.
-go to official website to real about this-
We were provided a yukata/pajamas, a water container & 2 towels (small & large).
Separated into male & female changing room. Lockers are also provided to keep our belongings.

Resting area while waiting for our sauna room.
Sauna rooms are differentiated by their temperature.
Take the less hotter room for your first time. 30mins minimum spent in the room.

Room temp was 41.3deg. 18% humidity.
Phew...if you sleep on ur bath towel, u'll feel less hot on your body.
But without it, within 10mins, sweat is like bathing. Don't forget to keep hydrating.
Once that 30mins is done, we head back to the Resting Room to recover from the heat.
Spotted this notice in the Changing Room.
* bad*

I was totally drench from sweat (slept on the ground w/o the towel)
The good thing was after every session, the room is thoroughly cleaned before the next occupant uses the room.
We were then given enzyme to drink. It has an alchoholic smell but no alchohol in it.
It's like a mixture of fruits, soaks for a few days.
Should drink a cold glass of enzyme right after we come out from the room coz it feels really good cooling our internal system after that heat.
Remember to bring your bathing items eg. toiletries & extra change of underwear.
Can't exactly wait for my 2nd & 3rd session, but for health reasons, it's good to give it a go.

Sept14 - Pole - Brass Monkey & Power Hold

Learnt new tricks after passing my Inter Level 3 assessment.

The "kepik" of the armpit. I couldn't hold coz my armpit kept sweating.
We were suppose to let go our legs once we got the grip. But as you can see, my legs just wouldn't.
Brass Monkey
Only holding from the inner knee. Once again, Powerhold first, until we got a good grip from the knee.
Then release arms. Phew!!!
After effect from Power hold. Thank fully, it doesn't hurt

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept10 - Dance Workshop at Viva Stage by Viva Vertical

I love Deals....& when I saw

How can I say No. Even to attend 1 walk-in lesson would cost you about RM30. According to the below schedule, you can try Pole, Fabric, Lyrical or MET.

The schedule was:-

5-5:40pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Lola
5:40-6:20pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Nana
6:20-7pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Miko

5-5:40pm Lyrical Dance by Nana / Adam
5:40-6:20pm Fabric Dance by Lola
6:20-7pm MET- Lola

5-5:40pm Pole Spins - Miko
5:40-6:20pm Exoticpole - Miko
6:20-7pm K-Pop - Shan
Nana leading the K-Pop dance to Miss A - Goodbye Baby
Melissa & I know the music & dance well (we are K-Pop lovers).
Some of the moves were from the MTV. Quite tough.
Lola teaching us the Fabric dance.
No climbing with it, just floorwork dance moves
Wei!! Yvonne & ah..not zZzZz
Yvonne trying her hand with the fabric

Celine's turn with the fabric
Melissa joined the Exotic Pole class
Don't look at me...check out the pink shorts
My turn with the fabric. Wanna learn to climb up the fabric instead.
Pics taken from afar so its kinda blur
2hrs passed by like a breeze...we hopped from one class to another
I hope to intro more ladies...and men to Pole.
At least an Intro to spike up their interest.

Pictures taken by Viva Vertical
Lyrical Hip Hop 
Intro to Pole 
Exotic Pole 
Fabric Dance 
Movement Workout (MET) sessions

Aug24 - Intermediate Level 3 - Passed

Just took my Intermediate Level 3 Pole assessment under Viva Vertical at Talent Hub
Music was to Jewel - Intuition

Angel & a failed Wonder Woman for me
Victory, Side Split
Too tired to do a good split
Flatline Scorpio to a Scorpio then endddd....

The end result......PASSED.....
Intermediate Advance, here I come

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept3 - Snip snip Cut Cut - Uniqlo Big Bang T-shirt

Just the other week, I went by Fahrenheit, KL, where UniQlo was located at.
Bought myself a Big Bang Show T-shirt for only RM24.90
Guess coz only Large size was available but the material was really comfy & soft.

So I decided to do a little something about it to make it more feminine & stylish.
All I did was snip the sleeves on the top for an opening. 
Sewed blue silver ribbons on the edges.
Add elastic at the end of the sleeves.
 Woolah!!! I look like a Korean trying to sell their branded Ts.
Making sure that the word "Big Bang Show" is still visible & still maintaining the comfort of the shirt.