Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 06June09 - Pre-race Ironman Cairns

After months of training (actually trained), my next big triathlon race was just around the corner.
My previous 70.3 distance was the disappointing Murray Man Long Course.
Nothing to do with the race, it was me & my lack of training.

Also the investment made towards this race :-
X-terra wetsuit - $450
Scicon bike bag - $465
Bike fit - ~$350

*fliiesss just flew out from my wallet*
From the Blueseventy Sprint wetsuit to a more higher end X-terra wetsuit
Rented a Rav4 car from Europcar for $290 for 2.5days
Cairns is like Langkawi. Love the feeling away from the city.
Checked into Mantra Esplanade. Right in front of the Expo.
1 Bedroom City View Apartment for $210 per night that we booked through Sun Lover Holidays
Big enough living room with kitchenette for 2 bikes
The balcony faces the Courtyard bar & pool.
KS was happy that the back exit heads to Wollies supermarket for his food purchases
And I was happy with the twin-bed for peaceful sleep.
I had explored Cairns abit (to KS's disagreement), located a coconut drink.
Only for $4, he cracks it open, and u either drink the whole thing on the spot or take away.
Sooo worth it!!
The expo was open-air unlike IM Melbourne sheltered.
The usual suppliers were setup to your convenience.
Registration for both 70.3 & Full.
No bag for 70.3 *cheh*
I can tell you that if you want to race and not bring anything else other than your bike.
No problem, you can get everything here. Tri apparel, hydration, nutrition etc.
At the Ironman merchandise booth, found out that Asics was made in Malaysia =p
This shirt contains all the names of Full IM participants.
And the red is for the 70.3 participants.
Too bad no more sizes for Women *phew*
I stood there for nearly 15mins trying to find my name.
Didn't bother with KS's name. My eyes was going "kok-eye" for even trying.
Bought a rain cycling jacket from Skirt Sports (also the fact that it was raining during the trip)
Then, the amicable thing happened. 
I just had to stepped into the Specialised booth.
The convertible cycling jacket that I've always wanted was only going at $99.
Even Wiggle don't sell at that price. 
And yes, I went back home with 2 jackets. WHY!!!???
Registration pack
My first time using different bags for transition.
I needed KS's advise on how to pack my race gears.
I usually raced with all my transition items by my bike but now its all separated.
So if i forgot to pack something in my bike bag, that's it.
There's no turning back
Beautiful Cairns sun!!! Cool win with warm sunlight
And sometimes strange rain...
Australian loves their sun

Footwear & Hello Kitty soft toys for sale

Winter boots (from Hong Kong) - $8
Brand New Leather walking shoes - $15
Blue Velvet Platform Boots- $8
Silver Space Platform Boots - $15
Hello Kitty soft toys - $10 per pair

Winter Boots for sale
Bought in Hong Kong
Only wore twice 
Faux fur on the top of the boot.
Detachable straps
Size 36
Option on high or mid height
Selling price AUD $8

Brand New Leather walking shoes for sale
Leather walking shoes from Australia
Never worn before. With tags 
Size 6/37
Leather upper and inner 
Selling price AUD$15

Blue Velvet Platform Boots
Size 38
Brand : Rubi
Blue velvet platfom shoes
Selling price : AUD $8

Silver Space Platform Boots
Silver space platform boots
shoelaces & velcro
size 36 / 5
Selling price AUD $15

Hello Kitty soft toys
AUD $10 per pair
Beach couple
Chinese couple
Wedding couple
McDonalds staff
School girl

*please note that Hello Kitty toys might be a little dirty as the plastic has small holes on it

Please feel free to contact me at