Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb6 - Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

Malaysia's first official Night marathon. i said official is coz i'm sure other runners would have already ran at nite unofficially.

Thanks to Kelvin for helping me collect my bibs. The running vest was ultimately plain, just B&W and no brand. The weirdest thing was the disposable timing chip (w/o deposit).

Putrajaya is famous for its architecture & heat.
Everyone prayed for rain which only donated 5mins worth.

I like running at nite so I was kinda looking forward to it. Kinda underestimated it though. It's not the weather nor the endless water supply I'm complaining but of the route I think.
We were early with Ming & San
42km - 8pm starting time whilst 21km at 830pm

There's no turning back once u start wearing tri tops.

The milo which i never got to taste. I was too early for it to arrive & too late for it to stay.

Wonderful to see frens before I went on my big journey of 42km

Great to see familiar faces during my run...something new in the running scene...rollerbladers helping out with the traffic control.

Daniel (TBB) was with me for 5km just keeping me company, and I'm glad to say I didn't even walk during the uphill.

When cycling in Putrajaya, it's nice rolling hills but when running, my pelvics will go first. Also the fact that i didn't train long distance. I wasn't tired, just painful. Practically dragging my feet.

The last 3km from the mosque back to the finish line was just plain mental. No supporters, no traffic ppl etc. Deadtown at the finish line at 1am.

Thank godness I still had frens who stuck around to cheer me on.

Lucky runner

42km Finisher Shirt

Finisher Medal..smaller size than the others

16th Place for Top 25 Malaysian Women entitling me RM300 but i picked the Women Open instead.

14th Place for Women Open category awarding me RM500

10km - 1.00.01
20km - 2.06.22 (1.06.21)
30km - 3.26.30 (1.20.08)
40km - 4.51.01 (1.24.30)
2km - 5.06.33 (18.31m)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dec27 - Evolution of Jennjenn's Hair 2009

I've always like to change my hair style
due to the fact that there's nothing much I can do about my face

1991 - celebrating my 18th birthday
2003 - the pixie hair that was love & can't get back (tried & failed)

2005 - The typical long hair with wombat at Melbourne

2008 - sexy perm hair that only lasted 4months. Too much of a lioness

2008 Aug - chopped off the perms & straighten my hair again...playing with goatie at Brisbane

2008 Nov - my very creation Leprechaun at my company dinner party in Brissie

2009 May - my straight hair all grown

2009 Nov - dinner hair at an wedding

Here comes the big creation...DIGITAL PERM

I kinda knew it was gonna be a long process, so I brought my notebook to keep my company.
My package was rather cheap : RM200 incl digital perm, cut, highlight & 2 treatment
Paid extra to straighten the top part of my hair (coz natural curl) & a better quality treatment solution. I wish to tell u where I did this, but seriously, I forgot.
Venue was at Dataran Prima though. Something PJU

The whole thing took me 7hrs!!!
Seriously...first I had to wait for this hanger thing, then my hair was being rebellious & didn't want to accept the solution so I was in a turban longer to make sure its absorbed into the roots.

I was suppose to attend a Christmas dinner, which I had to skip. sighh...food galore

Welcoming 2010 with a new look

Dec26 - THG Christmas 2009

With lots of emailing going around, i planned a THG Christmas party at Bee's Hive.
Eventhough very few ppl around, it was nice to get together just talking about..whatelse...sports

Ray Hee back for the holidays from HK
Bobby was "bubbly" like always

The Yip brothers : Steven & Eric

Baby blur blur at the doorway
Tony rode his bike from KL & brought us noodles

Last but not least, Ming, San & Meng.
Thanks for coming eventhough u guys were late :p

Good thing I brought my tripod for pics like these

Love my hats..keke

hey....I'm superman again (colours)

Group pic at the door way coz I wanna take the banner as well
Bee's cervelo took up like 15% of the space :p

Dec21 - FK Christmas 2009

Amy, a colleague asked me if I wanna be Santarina
Yeah sure, played the part before, but not until to the point I had to wear the costume!!!
Santa was none other than my colleague, Le, who's a gym buff
Funny that 2 of the fittest ppl in the office were picked
Amy bought my dreary santarina costume at a cheap price but seriously felt like an old maid in it. So I decided to alter it into a more modern fashion

Talk to the hand coz the ears ain't listenin'

We had to come in from the entrance to surprise everyone

I didnt know what to do...Le was so hyped up
I made my sleeves like armwarmers....cool leh...

Santa's chest looked like it's gonna burst


Santa is starting to feel ichy...

Happy carolers

Gift distributing ceremony...santa being nawty

santa & santarina exchanging gifts

Food galore...kudos to the committee

Christmas cupcakes

w my Accounts colleague, Whai Ching

Santa tired liau (i seriously need to sanitize my pillow later)


Winning team

wah...we don't qualify for best dress but still got Gratitude gift...I like

Being cutesy with the tree

I asked for Nike apparel or New Moon book
Got a pair of Nike socks & headband...ok lah

Christmas doorgift

Got RM20 Jusco voucher as Gratitude & a chicken mug...kewl