Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 02Feb10 - Chinese New Year in Adelaide

Everyday, at least a week before the official day, I kept seeing updates in my facebook about reunion dinner, gathering with friends, loh yee sang etc.
Being that I'm the one that would usually organised a big CNY dinner with close friends, I decided that it shouldn't be any different here (except for close friends)....kinda lacking much here.
So I invited a few colleagues instead, introducing them to the KL culture (not all Malaysians follow this custom). 
A photo before the mess. Heidi is hiding behind Olga on the left. And Bojan doesn't know how to hold chopsticks but its all just tossing the food. 
This is one of the best reasons to play with your food. 
Actually looking at it, it still looks pretty reasonably clean, so to speak. 
Thankfully they serve Chinese & Thai food so its a fair variety for everyone. 
As for me & KS, we ordered Bak Kut Teh. It does has the taste but lacking the ommpph!
We ordered a large pot for $25 that came with yau-chah-kueh and 2xrice.

We had our meal at Penang Restaurant, Adelaide.
The Vegetarian Loh Sang per portion cost $33. 

I use to live in Brisbane & Melbourne before but getting decorations in Adelaide is just so scarce.
I bought red paper with gold pen & made my own lantern decorations.
I bought the fan deco for the door for $5 & fake willow tress for $12, decorating it with red paper cranes. 
To amazing pleasures, I was able to get hold of someone in facebook page "Malaysians in Adelaide" to order 1kg of Dried Pork aka Bak Kwa. Deliiicious!!! 
On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, KS & I went to a nearby temple (11km away)
Guess its just a customary for me to go to temple and say my prayers for the whole year for better health for myself, family & friends and not forgetting wealth as well.
I do try to turn vegetarian for the day....but then forgot & ate lamb for dinner instead. 
Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year from KS & myself!!!

Oh, CNY present for myself.
Pearl Izumi Infinity Shrug that I bought from Team Estrogen
Tad bit thick to be worn during the hot season but during chilly days is just nice
*thanks Grace for sending it to me