Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan14 2011 - FKMY D&D - The Start & Games (1/3)

We were only notified on the Dinner & Dance slight >1month. Organising it was kinda fun though stressful. Company sponsored RM50 for our costume rental. Abracadabra had a good selection & cheaper than the shops in KL
My blue wig was from my good ol' days in Oz while the blonde was bought from Party World, The Curve for RM80
As for me, I had an idea of what I wanted (research from google), so rather than renting it, I decided to sew my own costume. I love doing costume change, I guess due to watching too much Oscars, where you see the MCs having like 5 costume change.
Group pic after meeting
Backdrop & Banner is ready
*Corak Saujana ; Joo 016-5185765
 The committee is ready to serve
 Picked out a Bob Marley costume for my boss
 Registration for lucky draw
 Last minute costume adjustment
 Dinner setup for 60pax
 Elvis with his ladies
 Take me back to the Go Go time
 Alley Cats would be soooo pleased
 Pink vs Blue
Presenting you, the night's MCs

What the heck are these ppl doing?

Marilyn Monroe, Scuba Diving, Twilight, *no idea*, Crocodile

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan16 - Le Tua 100km

I had doubt riding the Le Tua 100km ride as it's a day after my company event plus the name Le Tua means everyone is going to race this, leaving me a puff a smoke farrr behind.

Anyway, trying to convince myself, this is not a race. KOM (King of the Mountain) trail is just for fun (brainwashed by someone). IR (Independent Racers) convoyed from Subang to Bukit Jelutong (starting area).

Starting line
Not a race but there's prize for the fastest male & female *ignore ignore ignore*

Many familiar faces. Starting time was suppose to be 7.30am but delay like usual.
MC was telling about Le Tua. Community. Sports & health. Blah blah blah....quickly...sun coming up liau
Alot of riders for a charity ride. I think nearly 2000ppl. Meaning alot of money since RM50 per pax. I was all compressed with my QuadSports, BV Calf Booster & no sunburn on my arms. Weather was great.

Riders rullllleeezzz!!!

Too bad there wasn't any pic of me on aero

The route is pretty alright just that our Malaysia road condition is never quite great. It would have been better and safer riding a MTB rather than road with the amount of potholes. We went thru "kampung" areas with rolling hills.
Of course, there came to a point where I had to braved myself and conquer the KOM. And here I thought there was only one KOM *grrr*

1st KOM Summit
There was water station at the 50km mark, a self pitstop at 70km (petrol station). O.J. was kind enuff to pull me for about 25km until we came across the "dragon back"
"Dragon back" err...i think has 7 lumps...not sure

I was ok at the 1st few lumps, but when I got to the 5th lump, the gradient was too great. I wasn't shy to get off the bike & push since my knees was starting to cramp.
Last KOM
The last 2 lumps gradient was milder but longer. I found out that I am able to climb whilst sitting upright rather than getting off my seat & grind.

After that was a pleasure riding back as going home always seemed shorter.

Got placing somemore

Anyone wanna buy my Size S shirt? I had to pay for this u know

I must have my finishing photo

Total distance was about 95km in like 4.5hrs. Hey!! I know I can ride 100km in an ok time. But if you wanna torture me, yeah, add the hills.

*majority of the photos were taken off other ppl's album. Thanks to them

Dec31 - Happy New Year 2011

I remember my New Year celebration experience the past years

wasn't much of a celebration since i was in bed at 11pm coz of the Fellowship New Year ride in Penang
Riding across Penang Bridge

in KL with the THG. I loved it. Meeting new friends. Miss everyone

Celebrating New Year at The Curve with KS

This year was a silent affair. Rather than going to expected traffic jam places, KS & I decided to stay in Puchong. Read in the papers that the new hangout, IOI Boulevard : The Pallete will be displaying fireworks in celebration to the New Year.

Traffic thru & fro Puchong. Seems like ppl don't wanna celebrate here

We went to IOI Mall earlier for a spot of dinner & walk about to pass time. Then crossed over to IOI Boulevard for the countdown.

The party had already started with live band playing, laid out tables with flowing of beer for the celebration.
KS & I decided to pass our time at the dessert shop, Honeymoon.

10mins to midnight, we went out to find a spot among the crowd for our viewing.

There was a point where everyone started to run away from the building as fireworks residue (ashes) was falling down on us.
LDP-Puchong highway from 4lane to 1moving lane.
Cars were just parking on the main road.

Even the opposite side was jam.
I'm so glad that KS's place was just 10mins away
I wouldn't wanna be caught in that on my new year.

Happy New Year baby!!!

Dec30 - Cone Pizza, IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Drove pass IOI Boulevard one day & noticed this banner. I've always been a sucker for food & beauty promo. Food especially since KS & I always ask each other what we wanna eat.

If you don't know where's IOI Boulevard, it's the big space right opposite IOI Mall. You can't miss it. Anyway, we all know whats a pizza, so how does it come in as a cone. I guess anyone would imagine it, to take a slize of pizza, then roll it up. Hey, I can also start a business doing this.
Deco is Italian. Interior design feels like Secret Recipe. We sat outside as we were also quite chilled from the cool weather.

We took the set menu which consist of a salad, soup & cone pizza. Soup was like Campbell whilst the
Next came our main meal. We were quite baffled by it coz we expected it to be much bigger butttttt.... it really is just a cone. Like ice cream cone size.
Thankfully the filling was pretty bountiful so I was quite full after I was done. But then, let's just say that I might only come back here if I really have nowhere else to go.
Puchong IOI Boulevard
13A Ground Floor
Jalan Kenari 4
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
+603 8070 4691