Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar28 - Fitness Concept (Finals)

well, from the previous preliminary rounds, the champions are selected and invited to attend the final round on Sunday afternoon, the day after Energizer run. Frank got an invite (I was too slow to qualify). And since I was in PJ coz Keat Seong had to work during the weekend, I decided to show my support by showing my face ;p

quiet 1Utama old wing

Thankfully traffic wasn't that bad to 1Utama in the afternoon. Made in just in time with the looking-for-parking-scenario. A total of 9 guys were for the running for the Suunto heartrate monitor.

Elaine, Mic Dolan & Deloris

Janson doing his bid for charity..100km


They were briefed by Elaine & sent to their respective machines. As mentioned before review, 1/2 hr per session where participants spend 10 mins on each machine. Accumulated distances will be recorded and the longest distances wins. Every 1km achieved, RM5 will be donated to the National Heart Foundation of Malaysia by Fitness Concept.

Malaysia's Ultraman, Kannan was the MC for the day. You know Ironman is the swim-3.8km-bike-180km-run-42.2km. Ultraman is twice that distance. Believe or not!

Frank started with the treadmill. Think he was tired from the 42km Energizer run the night before, as his distance wasn't as good as when he did the preliminary.

Then he switched to the crosstrainer. The suffering machine. Majority of these participants are runners, so they seldom use such machine. Eventhough it's just skiing motion, but with resistance 6 and 10mins, that's a very loooong 10mins.

Last but not least, is the upright bike. Need I say, after pushing for 20mins (with 2 minutes rest in between), u'll be freaking tired at this point. Also to get back as much mileage to compensate the distances you lost at the 1st 2 machines.

At last 35mins was ok. 6 sweaty men walking around the area, cooling down, waiting for the results. As for the winner, Frank got 2nd place....from the bottom. Hhahahha...the winner was Cecil, who is also a triathlete. Maybe that helps kuaaaa.

Suunto heartrate & results

As for me, I got bored watching them suffer, I decided to do my share of charity as well. I walked the treadmill. Kannan used me as an example to motivate the public to join in as well. Oh, I bumped into Mic Dolan & Deloris who was shopping around. So I dragged them in as well for a slight exercise. Mic did a jog on the treadmill while Deloris rod.

I accomplished 3km in dunno how many minutes. U ask me to part my $$$ for charity, I'm a little doubtful. If u wan me to do something so that YOU can pay, I'm in for it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mar25 - Fitness Concept (Preliminary)

My friend, Elaine from Fitness Concept invited us for her company roadshow at One Utama from the 23-28 March to test out their machines, and also for every 1km achieved, RM5 will be donated to the National Heart Foundation of Malaysia.

But what caught me was the Indoor Triathon event session twice a day using their Reebok V7 treadmill, Upright Bike & Crosstrainer. 1/2 hr per session where participants spend 10 mins on each machine. Accumulated distances will be recorded and the longest distances wins.

I planned on a Thurs evening dragging Poh Seng & Frank along with me. The weather was unpredictable where it rained while on the way to 1U. I got worried that I'll be late for the 730pm session. Illegally parked and made it in time, though the session was delayed as the DJ needed to go makan. Hey!! We also belum makan woi.

A triathlon consist of 3 types of sports. Swim-Bike-Run. I see the treadmill for run then the upright bike for the cycle but what about the swim? Seriouly the Crosstrainer is NOT swimming. Sighhh...

We started off with the treadmill. I paced myself pretty well but 10mins sleep long too. I only achieved 1.9km. Started sweating already. Loved the machine coz of the fan. It even had a SD-RAM card slot for you to listen to your mp3 and the fan. Oh the lovely fan.
Next was the crosstrainer, which was set at resistance 6. It was tough for me at the start, I couldn't even push my legs forward. Would have been easier if I had went backwards. Dun remember my distance.

Last was the upright bike. This is NOT a normal bike position. Eventhough the saddle was totally gel but its just not the right position. My butt was even more sore and I was too use to using my forefoot to step on the pedal. Meaning I totally sucked at this machine. Anyway, I was singing along with the DJ's music instead. "I got a feeling!! That tonite is the good nite!!"

In the end, I achieved 17.5km whilst Frank 19.4km. The 3rd racer was Jeffery who won at 20.5km. Oh well, it was for charity. My prize was a Horley's Carb-Less bar which doesn't work for me ;p

Monday, March 29, 2010

Feb22 - Shape up with Mr Energizer

I know i know, I was suppose to come up with these like wayy before the run, but u know me lah.

Well, here goes ..............

Energizer was one of the most interactive organised run on Facebook where lots of runners or would-be runners would express their opinions or preference. And to attract more people to join in the publicity, Energizer organised a get-together with the runners for selected few to "Shape up with Mr Energizer".

Venue was at Celebrity Fitness at Mid Valley. I decided to gather 2 other ladies, Michie & Elaine to join me on the craziness. Planned on our attire on skirts & blue tops.

Like usual, the camwhore me decided to wear the blue wig & to celebrate the tiger year, tiger ears came out to join in the fun.

3 gals brought along 3 guys supporters. It's the other way around this time. :D


ironladies...not me anyway

group picture

At location, we registered ourselves & stood around for the briefing. At the fastest time, we were to :-

row x 10times

run x 1km

cycle x 1km

bench press x 5times

squats x 10times

situps x 10times
chinup x 5times
bench dips x 5times

Too bad the threadmill that Michie ran on was sucky. Michie actually ran faster than the machine. Wasted alot of time on it. While Michie did the run, Elaine on the bike, I was ok with the gym stuff.

We came in 7th placing. Champions were the least expected winners but then they know how to work the machine, expertly. Kudos to that.

42km runners

21km runners

Of course we didn't go back empty handed. Goodie bag consist of shaver, Celebrity fitness voucher, energizer bottles & we took a few bottles of Gatorade back too.

But most importantly, we all had fun.

A little article :-

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mar27 - Energizer Run 2010

I was sooo indecisive over this race. Siok Bee kept asking me to go for Kenyir Triathlon but being a stingy person, I didn't want to spend extra $$$ especially right after Aviva. So I declined the offer, and decided to go for Energizer Run instead, which was on the same weekend.

trolling to the starting line

2 weeks before the weekend race, I saw the list of participants for Kenyir Tri. Gee few ladies, plus the good ladies were running the Energizer instead. So I decided to sell off my Energizer bib and opt for Kenyir Tri instead.

And then....I crash at Aviva. So both Kenyir & Energizer went down the drain. I wasn't that sore about it. If your body is on a negative mode, you have to be brave to say "no".

the bunny & her bike

Thankfully, Triahtlon Malaysia was gracious to transfer my payment to the next tri event, PD and I was able to sell my 21km bib to Farah, who answered my ad in the FB.

42km starting line

The Energizer night, Keat Seong had to work, so Kelvin gave me & my bike a lift to Cyberjaya. KS had already rekkied the parking areas, so we parked within walking distance to the start line (Kelab Komunity Tasik Cyberjaya).

We deposited our baggage, then started making our way to the starting point. Met up with Ben, Yee Hua & Frank. Starting time was 6pm and the sun was still up high. It's gonna be a hot hot run. But the clouds was starting to gather, so hopefully it'll get cooler earlier.

We were entertained by Schick cheerleaders & dancing batteries. I cycled along side with the 42km at a fair distance. Oh, wore my bunny ears too to commemorate the event. After that, I rode back to the starting point again to see the 21km runners at 8pm. Lee, Yap, Pathma & Michie ran the 21km. Headlights were used to light up the way plus it was Earth Hour too.

Then I joined back the 42km. At 26km, bumped into Keat Seong, who told me to get the ambulance coz he wants to stop. This is the 1st time for me. I went to the nearest water station & told the St John to get an ambulance. KS sat down blur blur. I think even dozed off abit. When the ambulance arrived, the medic spoke to him, wrapped him in blanket coz he was shivering. KS kept dozing off until the medic told him that if he doesn't stay awake, he'll have to put drip. Without hesitation, KS said put it on. I avoided looking at the needle going thru his vein and thankfully I didn't feel " that" sick when I saw blood trickling out. They loaded him into the ambulance and head back to the medic tent.

I rode my bike out to notify Frank & Kelvin the situation. Long story short, Keat Seong was at the Kelab again, all better after being "charged" up with 2 bottles of drip. And the biggest news is that he had no idea what happened. From the time the ambulance came until he got back to the tent.

Anyway, good news was Elaine Wong got her sub4 dream and 1st place in her age group women 42km. We think it's coz of her current promo skit for Fitness Concept, where she's been training on the threadmill morning & evening for the past few days, which helps maintain her cadence speed throughout the run. Frank at a steady 4h15m & Kelvin at a tired 4h45mins. Ben Swee got a great 3rd placing for his 42km age group category.

My opinion is that after riding the route, I wouldn't say it's a great place to run eventhough it's spacious but the route is just too long til there aren't enuff ppl to monitor it. At some point, runners were just alone. Just their body, mind & soul and the road. A total mental game. I'm not sure what I would have done, but I salute to those runners who contd on & finished it past midnite.