Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oct31 & Nov3 - KS & my birthday

Like usual, baby didn't wanna celebrate his birthday big big (unlike me). So i appeared at his place slightly before midnite bearing Secret Recipe Cheese cake.

I remembered during our Singapore trip, he was ooggling at a water bottle for his bike. After much research on where to get it cheaper, HK or SGP, I asked a favour from Siok Leng to help me get it. It seemed like i'm always getting him waterbottles.

I knew KS was gonna pop by but i didn't think that early till i didn't even have time to change. Sooo bigg cheese to finish!!

Dugung bully lammu

Birthday night, blew cake with family. KS had flowers delivered to the office but I last minute decided to take 1/2 day off. So had to go back to office to collect it.

First time at Alexis, BSC. Waiters/waitress macam zzz only. Quiet environment. No need to dress nice nice. Food was ok loh. My fish was rather dry.

baby used electric tape for my pressie..hahah

got a Polar watch (coz my Nike already in service). I know I know cannot give clock. But watch not counted mah. Clock is like those on the table

A week later, Bee organised a birthday celebration for me at Italianies, The Gardens. Wahh...chocolate cakeee

playing with my cake
wearing choco bracelet

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nov1 - Genting Trailblazer 2009

I knew I was gonna raced did since I missed it last year. After 2008 review, seems like the Women Open had a better chance of getting podium. I decided to asked Lydia to be my partner. I thought her previous partner already had someone else.

I didn't quite remembered the 1st time i did the Genting Trailblazer. I believe it was in 2007 with Keat Seong, but we didn't know anyone then. Now, a big group of us were aiming for something. I still "kena" from Keat Seong for dumping him (as a partner). He got Bee though. Both Ironmans, got reputation to uptake. kekekek

That morning we had to collect our Powerman bibs first before driving to Awana Genting for our race briefing & collection of bibs. Dunno why ppl selling orchids there.

Thankfully I took a picture of the itinerary coz they didn't distribute it

After all the hooha, in the rain, we started walking towards the obstacle site

This is where the run ends & the fun begins
More chest high water puddles & less on muddy area

No one believe I got aircon in my room
Genting "Highlands" is meant to be a cold place

Carbo loading dinner wasn't that great but something to fill the stomach
Lydia had a plate full of salad as dessert...keng

After that, a few of us went to Bee's room coz Keat Seong wanted to talk strategy
Nothing for me & my partner, just run only

our goodies, our prize, finisher & 5th Placing medal

Buddies system (Top : Su-Ann & Poong / Bottom : Kelvin & Meng)

Keat Seong with Bee

Top row : Lynn, Ming, Lynette, Kenny, Keat Seong
Bottom : Chin Chin, San, Bee, Debbie & me

Women Open (L-R Lynn, Chin Chin, me, Lydia, Ming & San
All got podium...ekkekek

One of the most interesting warmup session we attended
Muddy muddy starting area, so misty we had difficult seeing where we were going
I was being so girly trying not to get in the way of flying mud

Teh tarik satu!!

THG united!!!

Terrible terrible weather. It rained the night before so u can imagine how it is in the jungle. My partner, Lydia is 10yrs younger than me & u can tell the difference in agility. We started a 3km run thru the golf course of tar road. Alot of advice to road runners to "pia" this part to get out of the traffic jam. Sorry to say that I bong half way.

Lydia kept telling me to just run thru the downhill & muddy area rather than be cautious about my footing. That way i'll just "glide" thru road. (tat was my sentence), but easier said than done.

The mud, the grime, the slippery slides. That's what describes Genting Trailblazer. Even the rope climbs was tough. Sometimes I cherish a slight traffic jam along the way so that I could just take the advantage to rest.

Lydia was such a great partner. She helped me up the tough terrains, cheered me on, kept me in sight in case of trouble. What really caught me was when she started singing "100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer. Take one down & pass it around - 99 bottles of beer on the wall". I was too breathless to join in the song.

The worst was the last part, where u could just hear the music playing at the finishing area, then u are detoured to an additional 1.5km before the final challenge : obstacles.

Running thru sinking thick mud : becareful u don't loose ur shoes there

Plunging thru chest-deep water puddles : extremely cold cold water, because u dun get cramp

Obstacle course is great for partnership & teamwork.
I think we had more fun here than the terrain, but Lydia might say otherwise.

After that we cheer on others for their achievement

Michie did this gif. Great pic resulting a bad calf cramp till i fell on the ground

Waiting for prize giving ceremony
wahh!!! Chewie!!!

Love this pic

Rebellious THG

Women Open Competitors
THG Winners & Supporters

Only Top 5 got prize. Genting already "kiamsap" last year Top10 now to Top5
Thanks to Lydia, we got 5th Place

group lunchie before heading back

Oct24 - North Face 100 (Singapore)

It took Keat Seong nearly a month to convince me to join the North Face 100 held at Singapore. Seriously...trail of 25km is like 35km on road. He even got Bee to join in the fun of convincing me. errr...actually now that u asked me, i also forgot why i agreed.

Bee's sis, Siok Leng was working in Singapore, so we had a great time bunking over (thank you for saving us $$$). She's renting a fren's apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms with conceal kitchen. So it's pretty cosy.

The greatest surprise we got was when we revealed the TV (O_O)

Lammu tagged along

Visited a few bike shops. Total shopping for Bee & Keat Seong.
Me & michie just admired when went ($_$)

Seriously. I know lah u wan light bikes.
But how does one sit on a full carbon saddle w/o cushioning.

Carbo loading session before the big race

While the bike maniacs shopped for bike stuff, me & michie shopped girly girly things

Love this ad. Photocopy shop

We collected our racing stuff. T-shirt was cotton though.
It's a partner race, but don't have to finish together. Avg time taken.

IDband is great if you tend to train alone.
It consist of ur name, emergency contact & anything u are allergic too.
Siok Leng's place was just 15-20mins walk away from starting line towards the park.

But she generally walk faster than all of us

The starting area was quite joyous.
100km solo had already started at 4am (u have to qualify for this)
100km duo at 7am
50km duo at 10am (wat the hell!!! hot hot hot!)
Ladies in white (L-R Chantel, Michie, Bee, Siok Leng)

Carbhunters team
I made the tattoo
"Fear The Roo"
Got these pics from the official website
The starting line & the food area at the end of the race

25km worth of road & trail in the hot hot run. It's not as technical as I thought. Though the heat is really a big factor. I have this terrible habit of running really good pace at downhill & flat surface, then walk on the uphill. Keat Seong had a terrible time trying to keep to my fast-slow pace.

We ran thru streams, climb up steps, ran thru narrow roads, around the bukit timah reservoir & the major climb up Bukit Timah.
I have no words to describe this hill. It was soo steep i couldn't even make a peep during my journey up, then U-turn then down again. I had to zigzag down or else my toes would go blueblack again with the amount of whacking.

On the way back, Keat Seong decided to make a wise decision of running at his own pace rather than follow me. A huge impact to him as his heart rate goes up & down each time i pick up my pace & slow down.
As we head back to the starting-finishing point, we had to run past a golf course. That was the hottest area with the lack of trees. I wanted to stop at a bush or even jump into the lake just to cool myself down. It was a sight of sore eyes when I saw Victor on the way back. Thanks for the pic.
All smiles when running towards the finishing line
Frank was there to support. Thanks for the pic.
All I wanna do now is go home for a glass of Coke
My time : 3.31.09hrs
Keat Seong : 3.32.47hrs