Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov28 - Eugene & Jill's Wedding at Istana Hotel

KS said that I usually spend $$$ when I have an event to attend. Somehow I think that's sooo true. I remember getting tops, leggings, jacket before my trip to Taipei so that I can blend in with the crowd.

I got invited by my ex-colleague, Jill & Eugene for their wedding at Istana hotel. My brain was working overtime. What have I not worn before, that would not make me look like I'm recycling my clothes. '^_^

Dress : Bid on facebook for RM13
Belt : RM19 at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Shoes : RM65 at Santa shoes, Sunway Pyramid
Hairband : RM8.90 at Sunway Pyramid
Hair : Blown by Kris Krang
Earrings : Turtles from Sipadan

My chaperone & chauffeur, Mr Poong says that being typical KL wedding, it'll start late. The cocktail session was at 6.30pm while dinner starts at 7.30pm. We arrived at 7.45pm & everyone was already in the Ballroom *opps*

 Poong w Glenn
I'm not gonna comment much about the food coz I was running around alot. Met up with my ex-colleages, catching up.
 Martin w Claire

Collegemates from APIIT 
To my astonishment, bumped into my APIIT collegemates as well. Seems like the groom, Eugene are close friends with them.

My congratulations to the bride & groom, Eugene & Jill

May you have many many many joyous years together & pitter patter of little feet soon.

Oct31 & Nov3 - Birthdays

KS & my birthday are like 3days apart. So it makes it alot easier for celebration.

I remember hearing about Tamarind Springs when I was working in another pharma company. My product managers would bring their customers to Tamarind Springs coz the food & environment was good.

So I decided to treat KS dinner there. Somewhere "lo-man-tic" mah. It was quite far, so I decided to drive instead (rather than explain where we were going).
Layout was balinese style. Got a few restaurants at this big area. Italian, indochinese, malay-thai and siamese burmese. We needed to carbo load, so italian it was. Not many ppl.
Soup - not that great. Its not the grinded mushroom type. Quite starchy
Starter - Cheese with tomatoes. We thought it was salmon. Darn
Main - (1)spaghetti (2) potatoes with cheese
Thenn...KS found a fat fly in the spaghetti. (too bad I didn't take a pic)
We called the Manager, who offered his apologies then offer us dessert. KS didn't feel comfortable in the stomach & asked for the bill instead. Our drinks & starter was deducted (cost also equivalent to the main dish).
Oh well, I don't think we'll go back there again.


KS turned up the day before my birthday & waited till midnite for my birthday. His sisters baked chocolate cupcake birthday for me *yummy*
Triathlon theme : Swim-Bike-Run

As for my present, I couldn't believe it bought it. Actually I bumped into it a few weeks ago, wondering how come his name was on it being reserved. He kept mum. When he arrived at my place, he said "it was suppose to be a surprise, u so itchy found it at the shop" that was when I knew what it was without opening the box.

Do u wanna know what it is? kekeke...see me next year in the Triathtlon scene. It's totally eye-catching.
 KS turn to take me our for dinner. Since I love Japanese food, he brought me to Kin Shui Tei Restaurant at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. We had a private room to ourselves.
 KS ordered the curry set while I ordered the Bento set (i was feeling greedy). I think KS has gotten really absorbed into the japanese culture coz he's been marathoning on Naruto anime as well.
 Crispy lotus & cawan mushi

KS wanted to order a bowl of ramen (like Naruto) but we were both too full to eat anymore. Definitely coming back for more.

My colleague got this for me. Squeeze the body & it barks. So when you hear barking somewhere in the office, it means I'm stress =p

Oct30 - Pole-athon with Viva Vertical

I was able to "drag" in a few girls from my pole dancing class to join me for Viva Vertical's Pole-athon 2010. One of the requirements was to raise funds for a charity society of our choice. So I suggested MyAnimalcare.org.

Since our dance school was Outcast Studio, so I decided to name ur the Outcast Angels instead. Came up with a campaign for us to gather funds. My colleages were extremely supporting towards the cause and thankfully they weren't free to attend the event. *phew*

On the day of the event, we carpooled to Viva Stage which was located directly behind Sheraton Imperial. That direction might seemed easy but we still got lost. It was a charity event, so everything has a cost to it eg. food & workshop classes.

3 stage poles were setup for the groups. I had expected it to be bigger (well, like a big hall workshop). I guess I put too much expectation to it. But in the end, it felt like a private tutoring session among each other.
Since this is my blog, you'll see more pictures of me =p

Samantha aka Miko, Malaysia's MyPoleStars winner & one of the Viva Vertical leaders was there to assist any of the dancers.

GOod thing I had printed out a list of pose/moves from wikipole or else we'll be sitting around the pole, looking at each other, not knowing what to do.
The Thinker
Up, up & away

Of course I've to introduce my other team mates

The requirement of the pole-athon is any members' must have any part of their body touching the pole. You can take turns dancing on the pole.

In between the sessions, Viva had organised workshops as well such as Acro Pole (chinese pole), Hiphop & Aerial performance. Shirley & I was planning to join the Jazz class until we were told that it cost RM40 (discount from RM50). Maybe next time.

OutCast Angels achieving 6hrs Pole-Athon
Viva Vertical Leaders

By 6pm, we were all tired & bruised but educated. We were then entertained with a performance by Viva Vertical Leaders. Maybe I might take up Aerial dance eg. hoops & scarfs.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov13 - Donation & Doggies

Recently last month, Outcast Angels participated in the Pole-athon (Pole Marathon) event organized by Viva Vertical. The objective, pole dance for the longest time. Well, we weren't that great, so we applied for the minimum of 6hrs.

In doing so, we had campaign for a charity of our choice. I made a suggestion of donating for http://www.myanimalcare.org/

>Remember my dog, Tara? Well, this was where I got her from. What's the difference between SPCA/PAWS to them? When you think about adopting animals from these big places, would you adopt a healthy or weak animal? Healthy of course. So what happens to the weak? U & I both know.

So that's where myanimalcare.org comes in. They give these animals a 2nd chance.  The volunteers would adopt these animals into their own homes. Feed them, heal them, till they are ready to be returned into the human society. To a better family / better home.

So where does the money go to? These animals of course. The vitamins, the surgeries, the food etc. Volunteers can only do so much for these animals as they too need to feed themselves.

I met up with Kahyein, with Tara in tow. When Tara was adopted from the pound, she had stayed with Kahyein's mother, Mrs Chan to be healed. That was about 4-5months ago. Now, Tara is all sausage-y, no longer looking the scrawney dog when she was found.

Tara is great with the kids. Didn't complain much when I put on the pikachu costume on her.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the society. Go to myanimalcare.org.
Any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kahyein at chankahyein@gmail.com.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov8 - Day6 (Taipei/KL)

Last day of our trip =(

Our flight out was 345pm. So we had a few hours worth to explore. As we were staying nearby the Taipei Main Station, we decided to visit the closest shopping area, Ximending.

But at last, to our dissappointment, the shops open quite late (noon till 10pm). So we just strolled along empty streets hope to catch a few shops to explore.

I was looking for the Toilet bowl restaurant but I didn't know Ximending area was actually quite big.

 KS terrorizing a cat

Cosplay items but quite expensive

Maid cafe but not yet open =(

KS decided to go back to the hotel for final packing while I went back to Taipei Main Station Mall for final shopping.

 Poong, how come u are everywhere in Taipei? hahhaha

Luckily we decided to increase our check-in luggage weightage by 5kg. Or else it would have been an expensive ride home.

Guess who decided to follow us home

Taipei...hmm...we'll see u again soon.