Thursday, October 14, 2010

JustDance - October Edition

Yours truly in Just Dance - October Edition on Pole Dancing

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July25 - Outcast dance recital

Coincidentally, the year I started my pole dancing classes at Outcast Dance Studio, they scheduled their first Students' Dance Recital at PJ Live Centre, Jaya33.

Torn between attending this and PD Triathlon, I decided to go both, eventhough KS & I would be freaking tired.
Makeup time
Introduction by Gavin (Principal)
Salsa (soo many version)
Belly dancing
I think tis is Latin
Afro-Caribbean Dance
Isle of Egypt - Belly Dance
All that Jazz
West African Dance
Belly Dance - Swee Cheng
Argentine Tango
Very-Strong-Original-People (VSOP)

Below are a few pictures from our principals
Sally & Gavin - Liberian Girl

Pole dancing girls w Miss E (teacher)
My biggest fan
Below are pictures from our dance performance

Wendy with her reverse hook spin
Me with my altitude hello boy
Jessica with her fan
Cindy with her spin & split
Clara with her cupid & gemini
Delia with her cross leg release
Thank you very much!!!!

July25 - C2AGE 2010 (Comics, Cosplay, Anime, Games Exhibition)

Been looking forward to this event for sometime. Did a few research on what sort of costume I wanted to go as plus I wanted to be a blond :p
I knew I wanted to be a blond so I went on Fiesta Forum   to order my wig. Took nearly a month for it to arrive, but that gave me enough time to come up with my costume.
It has finally arrived but wasn't exactly what I was looking for
I made a wig stand from learning it on youtube

Wahhh!!! I look damn ying!!!

Bought my anime blue contacts from Vivi Fashion

Lashes with contacts....ON!!!

hahha..this is short cut for my carry case arrow
No way I'm really gonna put the whole stick into the case

Use a big piece of hardboard paper, rolled it up, add a base
then use a cheapo brown cloth to wrap it up...of course not forgetting the strap to carry it

My biggest creation plus longest time
The blue sides to connect to the center white
then add the sleeves onto the body
Next is adding the neck portion. This took sometime coz I was doing the basic way
Externally using the collar-type-material to make the surrounding frame
Add all those together, I because Princess Natalia from Tales of Abyss
Was at Tropicana from 11am-2pm
Had my lunch at Shihlin Mee Sua

The exhibition took out their center court
Animes, Games, Arts etc

Let's not forget Figurines
A mother pushed these twins to me to take a pic....

Avatar *applaud*
Celebrity for a few hours
Checkers game going on using cosplayers as pieces


Love the eyes
Batman is looking over you
Bleaches fighting out
Now u know what your kids do middle of the nite
My biggest fan
Wah!!! Very hot day ah