Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oct30 - Pole-athon with Viva Vertical

I was able to "drag" in a few girls from my pole dancing class to join me for Viva Vertical's Pole-athon 2010. One of the requirements was to raise funds for a charity society of our choice. So I suggested MyAnimalcare.org.

Since our dance school was Outcast Studio, so I decided to name ur the Outcast Angels instead. Came up with a campaign for us to gather funds. My colleages were extremely supporting towards the cause and thankfully they weren't free to attend the event. *phew*

On the day of the event, we carpooled to Viva Stage which was located directly behind Sheraton Imperial. That direction might seemed easy but we still got lost. It was a charity event, so everything has a cost to it eg. food & workshop classes.

3 stage poles were setup for the groups. I had expected it to be bigger (well, like a big hall workshop). I guess I put too much expectation to it. But in the end, it felt like a private tutoring session among each other.
Since this is my blog, you'll see more pictures of me =p

Samantha aka Miko, Malaysia's MyPoleStars winner & one of the Viva Vertical leaders was there to assist any of the dancers.

GOod thing I had printed out a list of pose/moves from wikipole or else we'll be sitting around the pole, looking at each other, not knowing what to do.
The Thinker
Up, up & away

Of course I've to introduce my other team mates

The requirement of the pole-athon is any members' must have any part of their body touching the pole. You can take turns dancing on the pole.

In between the sessions, Viva had organised workshops as well such as Acro Pole (chinese pole), Hiphop & Aerial performance. Shirley & I was planning to join the Jazz class until we were told that it cost RM40 (discount from RM50). Maybe next time.

OutCast Angels achieving 6hrs Pole-Athon
Viva Vertical Leaders

By 6pm, we were all tired & bruised but educated. We were then entertained with a performance by Viva Vertical Leaders. Maybe I might take up Aerial dance eg. hoops & scarfs.

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