Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov28 - Eugene & Jill's Wedding at Istana Hotel

KS said that I usually spend $$$ when I have an event to attend. Somehow I think that's sooo true. I remember getting tops, leggings, jacket before my trip to Taipei so that I can blend in with the crowd.

I got invited by my ex-colleague, Jill & Eugene for their wedding at Istana hotel. My brain was working overtime. What have I not worn before, that would not make me look like I'm recycling my clothes. '^_^

Dress : Bid on facebook for RM13
Belt : RM19 at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Shoes : RM65 at Santa shoes, Sunway Pyramid
Hairband : RM8.90 at Sunway Pyramid
Hair : Blown by Kris Krang
Earrings : Turtles from Sipadan

My chaperone & chauffeur, Mr Poong says that being typical KL wedding, it'll start late. The cocktail session was at 6.30pm while dinner starts at 7.30pm. We arrived at 7.45pm & everyone was already in the Ballroom *opps*

 Poong w Glenn
I'm not gonna comment much about the food coz I was running around alot. Met up with my ex-colleages, catching up.
 Martin w Claire

Collegemates from APIIT 
To my astonishment, bumped into my APIIT collegemates as well. Seems like the groom, Eugene are close friends with them.

My congratulations to the bride & groom, Eugene & Jill

May you have many many many joyous years together & pitter patter of little feet soon.


Kevin Siah said...

I think nowadays weddings are quite on time, with wedding planners and proper programs.

Jenn Jenn said...

My fren told me, it's actually grooms request. He's very particular about the time. Eventhough only 30% guest arrival. ahhaha