Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov6 - Day3 (Hualien/Taipei)

Upon arriving back at Hualien Station, we made it to our motel in one piece. Requested for late check-out with additional NT200 per hour. Well, we got back around 1pm (damn train was late) and the check-out time was noon & we still needed an hour to shower & pack. Our train out was at 3.20pm.

Due to time constrain, our lunch was …… mee-in-mug. We were like shower-eat-pack-eat, all at the same time. The motel gave us a lift to the train station. I should have requested this when we arrived *grrr* rather than trolled the big luggage around the place in the middle of the night (see Day 1).

The station was already packed with people waiting to leave Hualien. The run was over. It’s time to go home. But for us, it’s when the holiday begin.

 Bye bye Hualien

Oh, a word of advice. PLEASE BUY UR RETURN TICKET IMMEDIATELY WHEN U ARRIVE!!! Or book it online. I’ve read so many ppl’s warning on forums/blogs but I didn’t take heed. When we went to purchase our ticket the day after we arrived, the Express Tze Chiang train was already full. The other option was the normal train. The difference between the both is that the Express takes only 2hrs coz it stops at major stations while the normal one stops at every station. So it takes around 3.5hrs to get to Taipei.

 Compression calves

 I was soooo nauseated in the train coz it kept rocking. By the time we reached Taipei Main Station, it was already dark at 7pm. Still disappointed at myself for not properly planning this trip.Taipei Main Station is really big, It had us walking in circles. It was raining cats & dogs but the night was still young on a Saturday night.


Passing the coastal area

 We asked for directions and at last, we found our Keymans Hotel. The room was slightly smaller than Debonair motel Hualien but after such a long day, we were satisfied.

After cleaning up, we went out to explored for food. The surrounding was city-like. We went back to the Taipei Main Station Mall (where we came from) and ate noodles instead. Thankfully the uncle knows how to speak Cantonese.
 What's this?

Taipei Pizza but yummier than roti canai

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