Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov13 - Donation & Doggies

Recently last month, Outcast Angels participated in the Pole-athon (Pole Marathon) event organized by Viva Vertical. The objective, pole dance for the longest time. Well, we weren't that great, so we applied for the minimum of 6hrs.

In doing so, we had campaign for a charity of our choice. I made a suggestion of donating for

>Remember my dog, Tara? Well, this was where I got her from. What's the difference between SPCA/PAWS to them? When you think about adopting animals from these big places, would you adopt a healthy or weak animal? Healthy of course. So what happens to the weak? U & I both know.

So that's where comes in. They give these animals a 2nd chance.  The volunteers would adopt these animals into their own homes. Feed them, heal them, till they are ready to be returned into the human society. To a better family / better home.

So where does the money go to? These animals of course. The vitamins, the surgeries, the food etc. Volunteers can only do so much for these animals as they too need to feed themselves.

I met up with Kahyein, with Tara in tow. When Tara was adopted from the pound, she had stayed with Kahyein's mother, Mrs Chan to be healed. That was about 4-5months ago. Now, Tara is all sausage-y, no longer looking the scrawney dog when she was found.

Tara is great with the kids. Didn't complain much when I put on the pikachu costume on her.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the society. Go to
Any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kahyein at

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