Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 09Sept15 - City to Bay 2013

Annual Adelaide's City to Bay run.
One event that I don't have to pay registration fees for =p
Sponsored by my company, I ran my first event last year.
Upgraded to a dri-fit shirt compared to last year's cotton.
But a little too long & thick material
*complain complain complain =p*
Team photo
Bigger group compared to last year.
Mixture of groups participating the 3km, 5km & 12km category
Same route as last year
No camera with me this time.
Just focusing on the run.
Pushed too hard in the first 5km trying to maintain at at 5min pace.
Once I reached the 6km mark, I slowed down to 5.30min pace.
The finished line was packed.
The stupid thing was, everyone thought that once you cross the banner, the time stops.
But actually, u have to keep walking straight until this guy with a lazer gun zaps your bib (where your timing chip is), that's when the timer stops *WTH!!!*
Last year, I ran with the camera, I timed 1hr 2mins 30secs
This time, when I'm focused, I ran 1hr 2mins 11secs
I might as well had just carried the camera instead *ggrrrr*
Wanted a sub 1hr =(
Oh, unfortunately, the timing chip had a glitch and everyone's starting time wasn't recorded but the finish time was. Weird...
So they just took the gun current time for your category and difference it with your finish time.
I have no idea how i got the time in the cert.
Oh well....

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