Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 06June25 - Adelaide Half Marathon

My 2nd year running the Adelaide half marathon 21km
Still no temptation in running the full 42km (2 loops).
1st year blog click here
The route is somewhat the same and different at the same time.
Finishing is at the Elder Park instead of the stadium.
About 50% of the route is at the torrens which is my usual Nike run route.
Still dislike running through Botanical Garden. Narrow zigzagging pathway.
North Adelaide (top left cover of the map above) was the steepest route (2-3km worth).
My goal?
Well, last year i timed exactly 2hrs.
Of course I want to get better.
The weather was still pretty chilly.
Had my compression arm sleeves on, Rotterdam's bright orange shirt
My loyal Orca long compression tights.
I had this tights for nearly 3years and only wear them for marathon races.
Sprinting to the finish line with my signature V pose
Freaking happy!!
Shaved off nearly 8mins from my previous time!!!
Like usual, there's no catching KS...yet. muahahahah
Surprisingly, we received a Finisher Shirt & a medal for half marathon.
I remembered that last year, I wasn't shy to ask to a medal & was told that only full Marathon gets it.
That night, 2 pairs of feet were against the wall for recovery.

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Kevin Siah said...

...yet LOL

You're progressing well, Jenn! Congrats! Soon you'll catch him!Hehe