Monday, November 14, 2011

Oct30 - Miri Triathlon 2011 - Olympic Distance (Day 3)

Next morning was the Olympic distance race. IR tri top on.
2009 review for OD race
I love this pic coz it really brings out the colour of everything, especially the pinkness on me.
This really looks like KS & I were strategizing.
I dun remember what we were talking about...I think about nutrition. 
Bigger group this time. Always love the togetherness
Spot the 3 light blue trisuits
Richard Tang, Edwin Tiang, Jason Tiang..hahahha
Spot the pinkness..hahha...
FYI pink is not my favourite colour...just something to catch attention with.. =p
And we are off....again..this time 2loops for the crazy waves 
Our madam Yvonne had only signed up the OD distance (she did the sprint)
the night before after finding out that there weren't many ladies in her age group.
Walk, crawl towards the finish line, she'll still win something.
This is actually her walking to her 2nd loop
Usually I look down on ppl who thinks this way, but in her case....
I'm more dumbfounded
Admire? I dunno...4.5hrs in the sun...hmm... 
In my case, quite dissappointed in the swim due to the current 
How do u train this? *tilt head* every weekend to PD (0_o')
Cycling, I could feel the soreness from the sprint race
Found a good pelaton & a good cyclist helped me majority of the way 
Once again, no run picture...hmmm
I looked so.....relief...hahha 
After a quick shower & packed our bags, we went downstairs for our prize ceremony
Me - Ladies OD Age group 16-34 - 6th Placing
KS - Men OD Age Group 30-39 - 13th Placing 
Lesley & Chris 
Yvonne & Bee 
Carmen & Richard 
Ezer's relay team champion 
Happy faces  
Enjoyable trip & race...

See you next year!!!

*I only took pictures with my logo on it. The rest were from around facebook . Thank you photographers

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