Monday, November 14, 2011

Oct28 - Miri Triathlon 2011 (Day 1)

My 2nd trip to the Annual Miri triathlon. Actually now its known as the Sarawak International Triathlon, but organisers are still the same committee. My 1st trip was in 2009, 2years ago where I raced the Sprint & OD distances on Sat & Sat.

The biggest problem in travelling for a triathlon race is the bike. Well, let's not say it in front of "it". First to service the bike, then to pack the bike. You can either bring it to the shop & get a box (also learn how to put it back together again, then dismantle & pack it again by yourself). ORRRR...find someone who has a back & borrow aka "pinjam". In some cases, they are ppl who rents it out as well. Check out my blog on 2009 Day 1. Even a bike box is heavy.
Brought my baby to Bike Pro for change of my race wheels & service.
KS dubbed this at the Food of Gods
2 bike box/bags ready for their trip
More carbo loading on the plane

We departed on Friday. A colleague recommended a taxi driving with a MPV who just lives next to KS.
Great service & soooo convenient.
A fair bit of ppl on  the same flight. 
All racing the Sprint category.
Welcome to Miri
Organisers did a pretty good job in arranging for transportation for our bikes & athletes.
Total thumbs up for them.
Welcoming the triathletes!!!  
We only registered our info online. Payment was only made at the venue.
So they do accept last minute entry.
If I said I would rather they just closed it, that might sound selfish.
Fellow triathlete, Richard said to limit total prize from 15th places to only 10th instead. 
Then use the money for other things.
I would say, if that category has only like 4 participants, close it, then use the balance prize money for something else. 
Don't leave the $$$ hanging there unused.
Next up was shopping for lunch & bananas at the nearby town.
Of course, testing the race bike route
Another thing to remember about this race is the bike route.
The hill.....its steep but thankfully short.
You can be going on 30+kmph speed that would drop to 10kmph
You just have to grind your teeth, get off saddle. 
After that, it's a downhill & flat all the way to the U-turn point.
Dinner at a nearby Seafood restaurant
Race briefing by Micheal (Technical Director).

Let's get ready!!!

*I only took pictures with my logo on it. The rest were from around facebook eg. Nik, Cynthia etc

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