Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov3 - Happy birthday to meee!!!

KS told me he was taking me to USJ Taipan for my birthday dinner.
I brought my dinner clothes to work so that I could change into it. 
Didn't wanna look like an "older"person =p
He kept saying we're going to Subway next door.
Ohh...2nd customer...2nd Korean meal
The 2nd best thing is KBS MTV channel
Korean where's my ENO?
I tend to over-eat especially with BBQ
KS present to me...gave me like few days earlier
My self-controlled is getting pretty good..ekeke
My pink candy...delicious!!!
Touch screen too....wahh..gotta be extra careful over it
Beef & pork BBQ was quite good
My mouth is full in this pic
 we ordered kimchi-jeon (pancake)
Better than Kimchi-haru *shh*
The attendants would assist to BBQ the meat
Then we wrapped it with lettuce & add ingredients
Oh, & they serve with kimchi...duh
Its really nice eating korean food and entertained with korean music countdown
I was practically singing, dancing & eating....all at the same time
Thank you baby

Just FYI....the Korean House in SS2 don't give you kimchi if you have their lunch set. Seriously!!!! 
KS & family bought me a cake
Family - fruit sponge cake
KS - Coffee, chocolate & cheese cake
wish wish for self, family & KS
Skilled to cut two cake
Hello kitty???!! NO!!! =p
It was a remembered birthday

Thank you to my family & KS for this great day 
*though I still went to work* haha


Kevin Siah said...

Happy belated birthday Jenn! Sorry for the pate wish, I was away im camp :P

Stay happy always!

Jenn Jenn said...

no problem..thanks for the wishes