Friday, June 4, 2010

May22 - Mypolestars

Let me try to remember how I actually got myself into pole dancing. Oh yeah, I think it was in 2008 when I went for a Nike event, Viva vertical was having a session (Nike This is Love). Definitely felt the friction & the hurt on the legs & arms.

Then in April this year, I went for a ladies day out where Viva Vertical was there as well (Tongue in Chic - Shower Fresh with Rexona).

And that totally got me hooked. I was introduced by Ban Eu (ex-collegemate) about the Outcast Dance Studio.I started my first pole class in May, and after a month later (4 classes) I feel more confident. No upside-down stunts yet. My greatest achievement is my upper body strength is stronger. I'm able to carry my body only with my arms. Hey, i couldn't even get up an inch at the start.

Anyway, I got to know about Viva vertical's MyPoleStars pole dancing competition thru an aquintance. So I decided to check it out. RM20 per entry (w/o drink) was pretty steep at The Opera, Sunway.

3 Categories : -
Exotic Pole - like how it says, Exxxooottiicc...not erotic ah...different meaning
Fit Pole - see how fit u are with the stunts
Professional - pau-ka-liau

I didn't take many pics coz was standing a distance away. Any floorwork done by dancers were not seen. Only when they were high up.
Exotic Pole Category - Mr Zain

Professional Category - Isaac Wong

Professional category - Michelle "Jasmine" Quah

Professional Category - Michelle "Kylie" Chuah

Suddenly got side performance. Burlesque Showgirl

Pole cleaner..kekekek

Professional category - Samantha "Miko" Yee

Took more pics of Miko coz she wowed us all

Seriously lah...we not international, but to see this locally, it's great

What happens if her leg accidentally slipped...scary

Beautiful ending where she just slowly glide down the pole in poise

Our MC, Jeremy doing his tang

Anyway, winners for Exotic Pole & Fit pole receive trophy & hamper (up to RM4k in value)
But the big kahuna, the Ultimate Pole Stars Winner wins a trip to Tokyo Japan for IPDFA Championships (up to RM6k in value).

Best Costume - Isaac Wong
Lady Gaga fan

Fabulous Smile - Michelle "Jasmine" Quah
Those bright red lippie helped

Exotic Pole Runner-up - Mr Zain

Exotic Pole Winner - Bernade "Belita" Pui

Viva Vertical Pioneer - V Lea

Fit Pole Runner-up - Jeaney "Mona Cosmina" Wong
What's up with the name?
Fit Pole Winner - Lim Xiu "Yen"

Ultimate Pole Stars Winner - Samantha "Miko" Yee
This is without a doubt decision

Group picture

Tomato & Mich

Mic Dolan & Dloris

We're finally out clubbing after so long

Ladies are in the house

Fine fine...the guys too

I would say that by the end of the day, everyone was in awe & being athletes, we all left before midnite. hahahaha...tomorrow got early morning training lah.. :D

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