Monday, June 28, 2010

May29 - Sundown Marathon Singapore

Previously for Singapore Marathon in 2008 (I think), we went via Aeroline since it was the only bus service they had. Sleptin the KTM before. Time passed really quick when u are snoozing away at nite but KS couldn't take the noice from the tracks.

This was my first time travelling to Singapore via First Coach. Due to tickets highly in demand, Frank was only able to get 3 seats back & 1 seat in front. Of course, I took the easy way out. I didn't wanna suffer unable to put my seat down for this long journey.

To my surprise, the bus was really spacious. Including the backseat. I had a seat to myself. Even a power socket if I wish to plug in my mini. Best of all, free entertainment. 5hrs passed like a breeze.

We got off at Novena Square where we had my favourite Moz Burger for lunch (blame Bee was the infactuation).

Singapore sale was on too. So the guys were drooling at Running Lab. In the end, it was I who spent money there.

Then we split up. KS & I went to Siok Leng's place to rest & later that night we all met up for dinner in the city.

Saturday, KS & I took a taxi to Changi Village hotel (the closest hotel to the starting point). Closest but still not walking distance. Somehow I think if we had stayed at Chinatown, it would have been cheaper coz we still needed to take the taxi to the starting point.

The Ultramarathon starts at 6pm whilst the full marathon at 11.59pm. Man, I was a total pig that day. Even when KS went down to see off the ultramarathoners, I was still zzz away in the room. I was all freshen up when I woke up at 6pm. Like usual, KS's day-before-race ritual was to just stay in with maggi mee, but I still needed dinner. Met up with Poong at the nearest food court for a spot of noodles.

At about 9.30pm, a bunch of us were at lobby waiting to catch a cab to Changi Exhibition Centre. Bee, Leng & Emma was there to see us off. *hearts* Seems like a jam was forming to venue so not many cab drivers were willing to face it. Thankfully, Bee was up for it. Wonderful to have support.

Like usual, a huge turnout. This year there were also 10km & 21km compared to last 2 years where only 42km & 84km distances. The organisers had coordinated to make sure that all distances does not clash together in route & time.

84km - 6pm
10km - 7pm
21km - 9.30pm
42km - 11.59pm

I was pretty omphed up at my first 21km. Poong kept with me for nearly 18km till he fell back. Passed the ultra runners, Richard, Frank (returning from u-turn) & Victor doing their 2nd loop. The route there was pretty straight forward. Passing Changi Airport on my right, then running towards the East Coast Park. This is where most of the supporters were located. Walking is not encourage with the amount of cheering given.

Lynette called out to me if I needed anything. I wasn't sleepy so no coffee required. The worst kicked in at 30km. My left leg ITB started to hurt. I tried to stretch it abit. Hobble, walk. jog. Watever to keep going.

Another 12km more to go was when we hit the long stretch along Changi Airport. OMG!!! I keep hearing planes landing & taking off but I just couldn't get to the end. The runners whom I passed in the first half, started passing me. Lawrence too came from the back & gave encouragement. Once I came to the final stretch, passing the bridge to the Changi Expo Centre, I sighed with relief. Sigh too soon. 2km around the expo was crazy. Can't we just run across...pretty please!!!

Timed a measly 5hrs 1mins worth of limping towards the finish line. Guess wearing my tri top cooled me down well with the current humidity but the lack of ice for my ITB was dissappointing. Lots of Deepheat cream but I was wearing my long Skins. The cold Perskindol spray would have been nice.


Vest, Finisher Medal & shirt

I beat the sunrise


5hrs 1min

Question is : would I redeem myself again next year? The answer is, I would prefer use the money for other international races. SGP is actually not that cheap.


Kevin Siah said...

Agree! Aviva 70.3 is more expensive than ANY half ironman race in Australia!

Jenn Jenn said...

ouch!! serious??? well, at least tried once loh..but then SGP is nearer for me loh