Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 08Aug19 - Adelaide Half Marathon

Races in schedule after KS's arrival in Adelaide.
Adelaide Half Marathon, City to Bay then the Murray Man Triathlon (half IM distance)
Being a lazy runner, I've always been kiasu only when there's an upcoming event.
That's the only way to make me train otherwise my bum will stay on the chair the whole day (except when I need to attend pole class, no one can tear me away from my pole).
Still no car yet, so we had to count on public transportation.
Waiting for the tram at 5.30am in the cold....bbrrrrr
Finishing line banner still in the midst of setup upon arrival
After dropping off our bags at the luggage tent, we made our way to the starting line.
It was cool but not that cold. I'm in my long sleeves and these experience runners are in sleeveless jerseys.
The route is around the parks in North Adelaide. But in truth, I just followed everyone.
Started with slight incline then flat around the park, passing the Zoo and the Botanical Garden.
KS by the River Torrens
Myself running past the River Torrens
Ignore the time above, that's the Full Marathon star
KS Finishing
Myself along with everyone else...grrr
I had a good feeling run...i did a negative split which is pretty rare.
On the 2nd half of the run, I started running past ppl who went past me initially.
Alot of people : runners and supporters
hmm..our luggage tent was not man....but its all about trust i guess
sniff sniff...KS said my cheeks grew rounder..sniff sniff...
Personal best with my time...21.20km for 2hrs with my Brookes Pure shoes
my usual time would be 2hrs 10mins...Yeepee!!


Grace said...

Congrats!!! So speedy!

Jenn Jenn said...

thanks grace...i guess environment suits me loh here