Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 08Aug03 - AIB 1st quarterly dinner

How quickly I've joined the company, I was selected as part of the team to organise our 1st Financial Year quarterly dinner. Being new in the state/country, it was difficult for me to suggest as I haven't even full explored the state of South Australia yet.

After a few days of brainstorming, we decided to Host a Murder. I've always loved to play Cluedo. So this means dressing up. We source for a host in Adelaide, that way we don't need to "work" that night.
Being the creative me, I came out with an invitation card for a 20s Murder Mystery Party.

20s theme is all flapper dresses. Bought a black dress from the nearest Salvos for $6. Salvos sells 2nd hand items such as clothes, shoes, furniture etc.

Bought cloth & feathers from Lincraft for my headband.
Each of us were emailed our character sheets for the night. With a gangster's theme, we were split into Mobs, going against each other. I was Connie Decorum, and I run Connie's Night Club as a front person for the mayor. Connie's is one of the sleaziest bars in the city and is the centre of prostitution and gambling rackets. Does that mean I have to dress sleezy?
Was only able to confirm on a venue 3days before the event due to budget constrain. Thankfully just 2mins walk away from the office. Really was trying to avoid catering in the office boardroom.
Far left is my manager, Olga from Russia. Middle : Oditha from Philipines and Julia from Poland.
How international we are!!!
Didn't take pictures of food coz camera was pretty sucky in the dark restaurant.

Then we had to sing our Mob theme song

Photo with Heidi...err..malay dad, chinese mom, japanese godfather. Been in Australia since 8yrs
Still having trouble with my $$$ to style yet...sniff sniff..

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