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Oct9 - Hospital Kuala Lumpur - Hari Anesthesia Fun Run 2011

Whilst all cyclist were battling King of the Mountan (KOM) in Ipoh, there was only the Sri Garden 20th Anniversary Charity Run 2011 & Pikom Charity Run 2011. I really did plan to join the Pikom run since the route was around the Golden Triangle but then this came up.

I work in a pharmaceutical company where hospitals are our customers. My Marketing Dept was approached to sponsor company product non-woven bags to this hospital. That's where it came to my ears the KL Hospital was holding a Fun Run for their Anesthesiology Day.

What attracted me more was that the registration fee was only RM10 for 5km with cash prize to it. I told KS about it but not to advertise in the website coz I didn't want too many ppl to know about it. I know I know, I'm terrible but just giving myself a chance.
Venue was at the Titiwangsa Lake Park. I have never been to this park before, even when the Eye of Malaysia was located there. Panic in the start coz the park was kindly big & i couldn't locate the registration tent. There was even a netball tournament there.
We were provided goodie bags ( company product bags), with chocolate muffin, bun, event shirt & a bottle of water. There was even a changing screen for ladies to change to the event shirt. I gave the excuse that the shirt was too big for me to wear. =p
Interesting enuff, upon registration, we were given our goodie bags and a random bib. They don't match with names. No luggage tent too. And I freaking park my car about 1km away. Sighhh...since I was alone, I had to go round asking for assistance such as pining my bib & looking after my bag.
We gathered in a field & segregated into categories. school sports day.
I have no idea why would one get a Zumba instructor to conduct warm up exercise. She just dance. Where's the stretches for your hamstrings, calves & thighs?? I think that session took like 20mins.

Anyway, no photographs of me during the run (unless I can find it in someone's album somewhere). Oh,
and my hope of winning 1st place went down the drain when I saw a bunch of Indian runners there too.

Wait a min!!! I recognized a certain "Senior" Indian man. I ran an unknown race the same day as KL Marathon, organised by a chinese college, he was there too with his bunch of indian runners. he's here again, dominating. I guess I'll just have to try my best & maintain my 3rd placing spot.

The route was 2 rounds about the 2.5km park. Started at 830am with each category starting between 5-8mins apart. Ladies Open category had the most number of participates. Route was pancake flat with a few roadworks so we had to hop up & down the pathway. 10checkpoints to make sure no one cheats. By the time I was done, my arm was filled with ribbons. Didn't have time to stop at the water station.
While waiting for the VIP to arrive, there were games for the kids as well.
The above was the "pickup candy from flour with your mouth" something like that. 
Quite cute coz they were suppose to use their mouth, but being kids "why can't I pick it up with my hands?"
Being a hospital, blood donation drive is important.
Let's just say that I have 3 tattoos & err...2 piercings. Injections is just not my thing.
Surface poking is ok, not deep into the veins or blood vessels.
Annnndddd, I'm not qualify for blood donation. I'm underweight & low blood pressure. Phew!!

At last the VIP arrived,  Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai gave his long speech.
I think the prize giving ceremony duration took nearly the same time.
Top 3 position received a trophy as well.
This is Jocelyn (stranger to me), who won 4th placing, while I took 3rd.
I have this tenancy to talking to strangers. Must be a aussie thing.
As for me, I haven't raced for nearly 2 months, so felt abit rusty.
The adrenaline rush from a short distance race is actually quite painful, especially side stitch.
Timed a 27mins for 5km. Slower by 2mins.
The L size event shirt.....i have no idea what to do with it
3rd Placing place card, trophy & cash prize of RM150.
1st prize - RM500, 2nd prize - RM300, 3rd prize - RM150, 4th-8th - RM50
Ok lah...can use the money to cover for my upcoming Miri registration fees =p

Next up...Putrajaya Night Marathon next's racing month again...

Media coverage - The Sun Daily

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