Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct9 - Cutie Pet Fun Fair

An accidental event. I needed to go by MPH at 1U to get stationary. Noticed tons of cars at the park.
My favourite type of event. Pet Fair
This is what I call doggie-whore
They are just sooooo welltrained...
Actually nothing much happened. Lots of tents setup with food sales & pet product. 
I just mostly walked around & took pictures.
Beagle? No? err...Hush Puppies? No?
Let's be friends
This scene was very entertaining. The dog was waiting for his owner to throw the tennis ball.
He just sat there and waited.
The owner threw a couple of bluff throws, until the real one happened but the dog didn't notice.
So the tennis ball was in the middle of the lake.
So the owner threw a stick into the lake to lure the dog to pick up the tennis ball.
Actually the dog did pick up both the stick & the ball, but the ball floated out from the mouth.
I had a good dogs...

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