Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept21 - Pole - Powerhold & knee hold

Continued with my powerhold practice. This time, Angel (instructor-in-training also participated in the Malaysia Pole Championships) was there to assist. Gave me some useful tips especially for better grip. Imagine my whole weight just on my arms. Its much harder & heavier being upside down.

Borrowed Angel's wristband as wrist was getting abit sore.
Was able to achieve my goal of letting go my feet
But when the body is not stiff & core not contracted, the body will shake & fall.
So lots of focus & concentration is required. 
Next trick was the knee hold.
Find the sweet spot on the knee is not easy.
Have to "tahan" bear the pain for a while, maybe 15secs just to look nice, then back towards the pole.

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