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June12 - My Pole Stars (Malaysia Pole Championships) 2011

You might tell yourself that you hate studying but everyday you learn something. Even your favourite sports. Basketball, you learn to dribble. Badminton, you learn to smash. As for me, I prefer tennis compared to badminton because I rather use my whole energy rather than just my wrist.

How I started pole dancing? Maybe you can read from my initial entry when I first started here.

Actually I started learning under Outcast Dance Studio . To get the introduction and the pain. And when I started to feel that I could do more, I decided to learn under Viva Vertical at Talent Hub. If you check our Viva Vertical's website, they teach at several dance schools.

In the start you'll learn the sits, the climbs, the spins.

Then you gain more confidence towards the ground inverts (upside down) then the full inverts onto the pole

When you tell someone you are learning pole dancing, public's general idea is the night clubs.  Do you know to stretch your legs, you are working your muscles. Even doing inverts, where your arms is holding your whole body requires working your muscle overtime. So typically, you are actually "sporting". An activity while using/working your muscles. I can bet that I'll get a 4pack way before you playing badminton. hahahha....
Appeared in the "Just Dance" magazine Oct-Nov 2010 edition on an article related to pole dancing.
Pole dancing only appears as sexual when it is brought to the night clubs to earn a living.
Now, after about a year of learning pole dancing. 
I've ventured into more dangerous stunts and encountered more bruises in my lifetime.

Would you believe that there's actually a link called that list down all the pole moves from spins, inverts & holds. And the list is still growing with the whole world creating outstanding moves.

My 2nd time attending the Malaysia Pole Championship. I was encouraged to submit my video to participate in the championship but I wasn't able to attend the semi-finals selection. So maybe next time.
Last year it was held at The Opera, Sunway. Did you know that the newest Arts & Culture place now is at MAP@Publika, Hartamas. Kinda reminds me of KLPaC in KL.
Remember I said Pole Dancing brings the idea of night clubs? Well, this is a great change coz I see it as an Art. No flashy lights, no catcalls, no drinking, no smokers.

Categories were the Exotic Pole, Fit Pole, Duo Pole (new) and the Ultimate Pole.
Winner of the Exotic Pole : Amy Lim Mei Wei
Winner of the Fit Pole : YYY
Winner of the Duo Pole : Kitt & Xiu Yen
Totally in awe with their awesomeness.
The strength these 2 ladies possess and the coordination.
Another pic from the Duo Pole
Ultimate Category entry : Kitt
There was a tie for the Ultimate Pole category
Xiu Yen
Xiu Yen
Adam Tan
Adam participated in the International Pole Championships this year in Tokyo and won the Men Pole Art Category. Go Malaysia!!!
So next year, we'll have 2 championships heading out instead.
Xiu Yen - Finalist at the Asia Regional Championships, HK
Adam Tan - Semi-finalist at the International Pole Championships, HK
Let's not forget the Duo Championship : Kitt & Xiu Yen.
Kitt will also be joining Xiu Yen in Hong Kong for the Duo Pole category competition
Applause to the participants, winners & assistance on that day.
The biggest entertainment I got that evening was this boy who kept playing hide-n-seek with his shirt while watching the performance.

The Star
Video Highlights

Any pics taken the front was taken off Viva Vertical Facebook page.
While pics taken from the side was from my iPhone.

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