Sunday, July 3, 2011

May14 - FKMY Cycle Action Plan (Q2) Team Building at Camp5, 1Utama

After much planning & discussion with the Sports Club committee, including budget request from the company, we decided to hold a Team Building session at the Camp5 Indoor Gym, 1Utama wall climbing. Original price per person was RM70, and company sponsor RM45. So we just paid RM15 (incl. tutor and equipments). Which was still a deal coz normal rate would cost about >RM30.
Welcome to Camp5
Everyone gungho to start
Upon arrival, we needed to fill up an Indemnity Form (quite standard for dangerous sports). Then changed into our comfortable clothing. It was a weekday, so many had come from the office. After that we collected our locker key and climbing shoes.
Then we were brief on what's going to happen during 2.5hr session.
Warmup is a compulsory when doing sports. You wouldn't want to suddenly get a cramp when climbing.
Our first test was climbing 10ft wall without harness. Climbing is supported by a partner on the ground with their arms upwards, in any emergency of falling. This is where we learn of trust.
Success climb
Next upgrade was the Auto wall. See everyone's expression. Imagining themselves climbing it.
It was amazing how ppl whom you thought was jelly or soft spoken have the courage to climb this wall. Don't judge the book by its cover would be the best description.
As for me, everyone knows I'm a sports woman, but I still have my weakness. I'm afraid of heights but I can still wall climb. Still don't have the courage to bungee jump. Climbing to me is not a race. One foot after another. Work more on the legs than the arms or else you'll get tired easily & faster. Since none of us are certified Belayer (the person at the bottom holding on to ur life rope), so all we needed to do was climb.
 After that we were separated into 2 teams for our team building games. 
Team A
 1st game was climb blind folded. I seriously sucked at this. I had no idea how to placed my feet especially at the crescent on my left leg, whilst blindfolded. The game was at a duration of time, how many teammates is able to climb the wall blindfolded. On the ground, your team mates will be telling you directions on where to place your feet & hands. I've always like "Put your left leg on the left side".
 2nd game was the horizontal. Just climb horizontally. I know I pole, meaning my arms should be strong, but this is seriously tough.
 Per set consist of climber, a rock to stand on and someone to support your back. Also a duration of time, how many climbers can get from one end to the other end.

And guess what.....we didn't win. hahah..lost by I think 2 points.
Me showing off abit climbing up this boulder. You have to use your core and arm muscles. Reminds me of going invert on my pole.
 After all is done, some fun is no harm. Actually everyone was hungry for dinner more.
 Photo session time 
Not sure how we intend to sit on a rocking horse whilst sitting on a boulder
 Rave reviews from everyone on this team building.
Thanks Camp5 for the great team building session


Kevin Siah said...

Scared of heights? What about pole dancing?

Jenn Jenn said...

Pole only 10ft high is scary at first when I do inverts (upside down). But if you look either up at the ceiling or the floor, you know that it's not that far to either directions and just clip really tight with your legs coz you life hangs on it.