Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec11 - Sitra's Wedding (my 1st indian wedding)

My first Indian wedding. Was really excited about it. Mainly the attire since I got the invitation a week before Deepavali. My indian colleagues were glad to take me around saree shopping.

Invitation Card to a Wedding Luncheon

Sari Fabric is the traditional dress of women in India. It is an outer garment worn by a woman consisting of a single length of cotton or silk, 5 to 7 yards long, most often with one end wrapped around the waist to form a skirt, the other draped over the shoulder, or head.It is worn over a short, tight top (called Choli or Blouse) with short arms and a thin underskirt of plain cotton (Petticoat). -

Choli / Blouse

We went to Brickfields (newly launched India street) for fabric shopping. I went for black chiffon with pink sequins costing RM110. Silk would have been great but the price was greater. No wonder ppl prefer to get their supplies from India since it was much cheaper there compared to the hike up price in Malaysia. If a shop that sells each set of punjabi suit for >RM120, imagine how much that whole shop cost. Anyway, negotiation skills is required. Bought an underskirt as well since chiffon is transparent.

Petticoat / underskirt

Next up was tying the saree. Since there's no way I'm able to tie it all by myself, my colleagues recommended me a tailor to ready-make my saree & at the same time sew my blouse. The price varies. There's a shop nearby FAM stadium, PJ that would sew my saree for RM60 & blouse for RM75 *ouch*.

Ready-made saree

We were able to locate a tailor at the State, Old Town PJ (above the market) who can sew my saree for RM48 & blouse for RM45. That's what I call a deal. She took my measurements & I adviced her on my blouse design.

Wanted it to be more stylish but that requires more cost

A week later, my saree was ready. Fitting & alterations took an hour. Went to Sungai Way, PJ to get my accessories. Phew!! Sure spend alot just to accessorize eg. bangles, necklace, earrings & bindi.

A bindi (from Sanskrit bindu, meaning "a drop, small particle, dot") is a forehead decoration worn in South Asia (particularly India, Bangladesh)[1] and Southeast Asia. Traditionally it is a dot of red colour applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows, but it can also consist of a sign or piece of jewelry worn at this location. -

 All ready to go

Day of event
All dressed up (needed my maid's help with the back buckel & pinning of the train to my shoulder). My colleague picked me to & we were on our way to venue.

The invitation card states prayers from 11.05am - 12.55pm. We arrived at 1230pm, in the midst of prayers. Good thing we didn't arrive earlier coz it's freaking long. I'm not good with traditions but I think they have to walk around the alter then exhange their form of wedding rings better known as thaali.

A Mangalsutra (mangala sutra, mangalasutra or thaali) is a symbol of Hindu marriage union in India. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage. Every Indian woman considers the mangalsutra the most revered token of love and respect offered to her during the marriage ceremony. -

Bride & Groom

After that the dome on our table open to food eg. fish, chicken, vegetable, prawns, dal served with fried rice. Usually in chinese weddings, the bride & groom would walk from table to table to greet their guest with "yamsing" & phototaking. In the indian wedding, the bride & groom will be seated on stage while the guest would go up & have their picture taken with them.

It was a short session for my saree but a good experience. I wonder when will I wear my saree again. hmmm....
Once again, a heartful congratulations to Sitra & hubby 
& wish them many happy years ahead.


Unknown said...

Hi, i m urgent need a tailor to sew saree. Would u mind the give me the contact of the tailor in pj old town. Thks.

Jenn Jenn said...

Location is at pasar besar jalan othman. I don't have her number coz my fren brought my there. But the 1st floor shop is visible from the main road. PM you a printscreen. Looks like there is a banner with contact number for tailoring classes.

Unknown said...

Hi jenn can i get the contact details of the tailor please?

Jenn Jenn said...

from googles map, i see a banner stating Tailoring classes 016-6230717. Can give it a shot.