Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec10 - Herbaline in Sea Park

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As I was driving pass the main road between Sea Park & SS2, I noticed a long billboard stating RM38. After that only I say that one of the big bungalows had converted to a spa place. The RM38 is actually their first trial price for facial.
Lucky I didn't get into an accident looking at this

Herbaline (not Herbalife)  actually sells beauty products for your face eg. sunscreen, moisturiser, face wash & scrub etc. So I was really happy when I read "No Sign Course". I kinda hate it when the sales person keeps bugging you to sign a 10times package deal. I never liked parting my money that huge amount when I haven't even used it yet. I think I read before in the papers that a beauty parlor closed down leaving a number of angry customers behind.

Anyway, after months of no facials (suppose to go once a month), I made my appointment with them. Parked my car at their designated parking area & was greeted by a gentlemen who lead me to their entrance. Well, at least I knew my car will be safe.

Short briefing with their customer service then I was lead to wash my feet. Oh, I wasn't allowed to take pictures =(. Anyway, if you had went to any Thai massage centres like Thai Odyssey, they usually wash your feet for u. Well, here, you wash it yourself. Put ur feet into their nice looking basin, there's a scrub plus cloth for ur usage. After that, I was lead to a Lavender boiling pot & asked to take 3 deep breathes. Inhale thru ur nose then exhale thru the mouth.

The main event at last, is the facial. They use all their products so I was pretty worried as I have not use them before. My skin is pretty sensitive as I've gotten an "outburst" when I was young by using Oil of Ulan (sample packaging from magazines). The facial area is a rectangular room with at least 8 facial area surrounding it with a big bacin in the middle. The facial room is pretty small, just to accommodate the bed & some walking space. I was pretty comfortable except for the noise around the basin area with ppl talking & tapwater running.
Facial Room

After an hour, I was lead back to another boiling pot of Lemongrass for my circulation. I've always loved lemongrass. Then back to the reception area for a final analyst by the beautician. She explained to me what sort of product my skin requires but she did not push me to buy it. She even wrote down all the pricing for their products on their catalogue.
Warranty Card & Catalogue

Last but not least, I was lead to their fish therapy. I've never done this before as it's quite expensive outside eg. RM25 for 30mins. It was ticklish at first. A cloth was once again placed next to me to wipe my feet when I was done. Took a walk towards their garden for some relaxing moment. You wouldn't even feel that we were located in the center of Petaling Jaya.
Fish Therapy


Outside, it was already dark & the same gentlemen walked me to my car. As we were located on the main road, he helped to stop traffic for my car to get out.


It was a comfortable 1.5hrs. Oh, one more thing. They actually gave me a 3days warranty card in case my skin reacts to their product. First time for everything. Normal price for a facial is RM79. Much better than being stuck in a shopping mall salon & pay >RM120.

A little token from Herbaline

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