Friday, July 2, 2010

June26 - Pet World Expo

Ever since my family got Tara, my dog, everyone had been particular about her in the sense of dog food, dog shampoo, her nails, her shedding fur etc. So, KS & I went to the Pet world Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall on the 25-27 June 2010.

Beauty items for animals

To my shock, there was an entrance fee of RM5 per adult. Did they state that in the newspaper? KS said we had already travelled, might as well. Both sides of the hall was occupied with various pet stuffs eg. food, beauty products, toys etc.

Anyone wanna have an Gecko pet?

There was pet charity where a lady would adopt stray dogs such as a 3 legged dog who leg was found chopped off. When I squat down to take a picture of it, he came hobbling over to me. I could just cry. Exceptionally friendly. I didn't even feel the ache to part with my money for this baby.


Tibetan Mastiff

This is definitely not a toy but it is a Poodle


Wat's up doc?


Pet Adoption was encourage among the public. KS said he could hear a boy talking to his mom over the phone asking permission if he could adopt a cat. I guess if I had a chance to pick a dog to adopt might be a Jack Russell or Labrador or Terrier or ... i could go on and on. I know KS wants a Corgi or Husky.

Sang Kancil

There was also a dog competition. Various stages from Beginner Obedience to Advance. Sooo amazed at the discipline they have. Unlike Tara, who goes crazy sometimes.

Well-trained doggies : Labrador & German Shepherd

Command : Sit, Stay

From time to time, we stopped by various food stalls to collect dog food samples. Serious, the amount of stuffs I gathered was definitely worth more than RM5.

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