Thursday, July 8, 2010

June2-4 - Weekend

Well, my weekend started with TGIF. I walked Tara around my neighborhood to introduce her to the other dogs, of all breed, shapes & sizes.

That night KS & I met up with Tony Q, Mich & Tomato for a dosage of durian at SS2. The RM10 buffet at Donald's wasn't that great. Guess that's why ppl rather spend more for better quality durian.

The coconut drink even cost us RM4. But it's an alternate drink to cooling our body down after having the "King" to pleasure us.

With Brazil & Netherlands playing that nite, we went round looking for a place to watch the World Cup. Al-Ehsan is located at Paramount. That nite, they took up the whole road. No cars could pass thru.

Chun Eng joined our group to watch the game as he was alone. Bee wasn't happy coz Brazil lost 2-1, to Tony & Tomato's joy.

Saturday morning, KS drove me to Sunway Pyramid for a makeover by Clinique, costing RM30. This was cheap for makeover, photo & freebies.

2 looks : Young & Chic or Fresh & Natural. I knew that makeover like these usually attract many ppl so being kiasu I was first in line. I picked young & chic coz I like more colour compared to nude.

Makeup was nice. They made my eyes big. The stylist curled my hair into ringlets. Then I was lead to have my picture taken & printed.

To my soreness, I did not qualify for the Clinique Star Tour 2010 contest coz i was "over age". Sniff sniff....

RM130 worth of freebies

I spent about RM150 at Watson HWB This is wat happen when I'm confronted the 4-letter word S-A-L-E

I've always seen online boutique selling beauty items via facebook. I came across Yokososhiyuki shop selling nearly the same thing. Slightly cheaper as well.

Argentina vs Germany was the big big match of the weekend. Can't pick between both. So support either one. Possession of ball was 50-50. But the 1st Germany goal was too quick. 2nd half was pretty much settled.

Sunday matinee at PJ Live Centre at Jaya One to watch the Taming of the Shrew. Seriously...this is really worth $$. I laughed till tummyache. Enjoyed every second of it. Below are a few pictures from Peter Tan Photography for your enjoyment.

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