Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May6 - Welcome to our family, Tara

Just last month during dinner, my mom asked if we wanted to adopt a dog. Every one looked at my dad. Have to ask permission from the man of the house first mah. He said ok woh... wow!!

It had been nearly 10years since we had a dog. I remember our first dog, Jason. Loyal to the family from the SS1 house till our current place at Sec14. He died of old age. But my family comes from a typical Chinese family. Dog is to look after the house. Food is our non-finished food. Always chained up. One day when I got back from school, I went to the back of the house where Jason is usually found. He was lying on the ground with his tongue hanging out. I just squatted there & cried. He was buried outside my house, at a corner plot.

A few years later, we adopted another mongrel & named him Junior. He would initially know how to find his way out of the house at night. But when he returns in the morning, he's covered with cuts & bruises all over. It seemed like this young Casanova was able to capture the heart of the only bitch in the neighborhood, that made the other dogs jealous. One day, he came back with a cut on his arm, deep down to the bone. We suspected it was made by grass cutters. No way a dog's bite would be such a straight through cut. We took him to the vet for stitches. But this went on until my dad said enuff. To our regret, my parents took him to SPCA. That's was the last I heard from him.

Back to the current time, my mom asked if we should adopt a male or female dog. I opt for female instead after the last experience. And she has to be sprayed. I'm sorry for being cruel but it's better than have a "surprise" litter. The story was my mom's friend (Mrs Chan)'s daughter goes round pounds to adopt strays, heal them & find them homes.

That was how Tara joined our family. She's mongrel with partial German Shepherd bloodline. Too well-behave so definitely previously owned.

purchase form for RM2

Doggie license for RM10

Copy of vaccination cert

I went to MBPJ to get her a license. Didn't want her suddenly appearing at the dog pound. It was pretty simple. Purchase the form for RM2 (WTF!!) then submit form with a picture of dog with a copy of her vaccination cert. Cost RM10. It only took about 15mins then the tag is urs. Took her sometime to get use to the metal ring around her neck.

Now Tara is officially a part of our family

KS trying to train her to sit & paw. I think he more tired than her :p
Sit was a success. Takes time for the paw though

He feed her goreng pisang. Even sapu the crumbs as well.
I didn't quite agree with the strange food for her.
But he said "if we ate chicken rice everyday, then suddenly decided to have Fried Kuew Tiew, we'll surely appreciate it". So same goes with Tara, everyday dog food, suddenly goreng pisang.
But I think she kinda eats everything. That's what making me worried.

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Li-Ann said...

hahahhah keat seong's char koay teow analogy is v funny!

Jenn Jenn said...

that really kept me quiet...tisk

LynnG said...

awwww got a doggiee!! she can really makan too! weee