Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apr7 - Something up my sleeves

I've been itching to do some sewing quite recently. All these started when I kept seeing designer clothes in magazines / internet. And I would think to myself; I can do that. All my sewing skills started from Kemahiran Hidup in Form 3.

When I turn 21 (i think), my mom noticed my interest, decided to 50/50 with me investing on a sewing machine which cost RM700+. It's been like 10years and that faithful machine is still going strong. The light bulb switch is gone & the bobbin tends to tangle quite often. I didn't even know there was a specific "doctor" for it.

Anyway. here are a few of my/magazine design creations for the past few years :-

taken at Deloitte's Dinner & Dance 2006 - Best Dress Female.
Surprisingly I won. Theme was Black & White
I bought a loooong black glittery material & pass it with a skirt design to the tailor. Wore it with a bare back dress. Skirt was taken off for the after-party

taken at Deloitte's Dinner & Dance 2007
Nominated for Best Dress Female but lost :(

Theme was Under The Sea
Like my previous idea, I wanted a long dress during dinner then a short dress for the after-party. I made seashell like bra & layer skirt.
The bottom skirting was rough sewed onto the dress
Once it was time to party, I took out the threading then hit the dance floor w/o tripping over my train.

I've always fancied Japanese culture.
Bon Odori 2007 was my 1st after hearing so much about it.
I bought a yukata (summer kimono) off ebay in Oz
but i didn't come with a obi (belt)

I could only come up with something that looks like an obi off pictures online but the material was waaaay off the original obi.
Plus the yukata was too big for me & the colour was pretty faded.
Oh well, i might come up with something else next time

My 1st cosplay at Anime Fiesta in 2007.
Traveled all the way to Malacca for this.

Since my hair was short, I had to look for a character that I can reflect
Natsumi from You're Under Arrest anime was the best
Plus the costume was the simplest to come up with at the short notice

Ran my first maiden marathon at Sydney Marathon 2008
By the time I got back, there was only L size finisher shirt
I liked spaghetti strap tops so snip-snip the top off & added lace all over

Was working in Brisbane in 2008 and the Dinner & Dance theme was Fairy Tale I didn't want to rest a costume so I decided to sew one. Influenced by internet again I went as an Irish Fairy aka Leprechaun I couldn't sew as sexy as the picture eg. short skirt & exposing tummy Bought the pot at a costume shop & glued chocolate coins wrappers on top The hat was the amazing part. I bought a green gift bag & somehow came up with the hat. Then stuck it to my hairband.
And I did this all in 1-month *stress stress*

back in M'sia at my recent company, FK Christmas party 2009. I was selected as Santarina. At first the costume they gave me was exactly as the picture on the left. I'm like errr.. I didn't want my arms to be restricted so I separated the sleeves & shorten the skirt
The committee insisted I wear the braided Santarina hat

FK's Dinner 2009 at Westin Langkawi. Yes, we had our dinner & company trip at Langkawi. No theme but costumes were all covered. I rented a Chinese Warrior costume but wanted to change into something else later. Weirdest thing was I won Best Dress Female with the Chinese Warrior.
After that I changed into my Cupid costume.
I dun quite know how to make the skirt tutu enuff.
Netting doesn't work that well.
Tried sewing a corset for the 1st time with the heartshape on the top.
Made the bow & arrow using a metal hanger.
Sewed chiffon sleeves & red velvet hearts on the skirt.

My latest creation in 2010, I did my maiden 70.3 at Aviva Singapore.
I got a dri-fit S size t-shirt which seems like a M size to me.
Snip-snip, I took the top off to give it a off-shoulder look.
Kept the sleeves but more holes.
Added straps to make sure the sleeves don't expose too much.
Added elastic on the waist rather than figure-hugging top.

I've got something up my sleeves for the next cosplay, but it's harder than it looks. My bf was right, I can only work under pressure, where my room will be in a mess with materials and threads all over the place, and there's a deadline to meet.

Gambante jennjenn!!! You can do it!!
Just you wait for the next big thing. U won't even recognise me :p


Lynn Guan said...

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy impressive jen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn Jenn said...

thhhhannkkkks Lynn

Michie also came up a webbie of her own on her sewing as well

Michelle Looi said...

thanks.. and well done. Very rajin lah u..... i still haven't have the time to post up all my sewing thingy... Emm i need a photographer also..

Jenn Jenn said...

mich : u do step by step sewing, that one more kungfu. mine is just before/after. I think u more rajin loh. When u take pictures while sewing makes the workload time longer hahaha

Poong said...

Finally, a blog entry on your costume! :-)

Jenn Jenn said...

eh? u've been waiting for it???