Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apr11 - Cycling Malaysia (Roses Among Thorns)

I think about a month ago when Debbie invited myself & a couple of girls, as Cycling Malaysia magz wish to interview women cyclist about cycling. Mich, Elaine, Hsing Ling, Lydia, Debbie & myself met up with them at Oriental Pavillion, Jaya33.

The magz comes out every 2 months, so our issue came out in April. It's so pink!!! To commemorate International Women's Month.

6 mountain bikers & 6 road cyclist were interviewed

I only posted up the road cyclist coz i'm in it :D

HsingLing, Lydia, Elaine

Some basic questions asked were "how we started cycling?", "do we feel intimidated so many guys around?".

me, Mich, Debbie

More specific questions like "any luck with the male cycle?", "do we put on makeup when cycling?", "do we cycling during menstruation?", "any leakages before?"

Well, for more info about the 8 page interview, please grab your pinky magz from any magz counter for only RM7.90.

This issue also covers pictures from past events, bike fitting intro, Food for thought, MTB & Road bikes, pedals, Hulu Selangor Dam-Gap route briefing etc.

Thanks Khaw Eng for the scan.

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