Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dec20 - Malakoff 12km 2009 (TTDI)

The last run of the year. I actually didn't wanna run it at all after my bad experience last year (hills hills, hot weather) but after much persuasion, I decided to sign up. Bad luck that the 12km was already full, so donated my $$$ to 6km instead.

Awww...I got a dutchie orange shirt...which I will wear to bed

And of course the 12km got a running bad

Since this was considered a fun run for me, I decided to wear my blue wig, which made its appearance for the first time at Shape Run. And being Christmas just around the corner, I added a Santa Hat to add to the festivity.

The loop at Damansara Heights was exactly the same as my cycling route on Tuesday so I knew how hilly it was.

40:55mins for 6km....ok lah including the hills (excuses for myself)

eh? I didn't know got proposal...somehow running a 12km isn't something big for me anymore


Keat Seong look like an elf here..ahhah..all green

THG at Malakoff

Being all girly with HsingLing

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